Last year, as we realized the positive impact business decision-makers could have on Arkansas’ nonprofit community, the Arkansas Business Publishing Group leadership team explored ways to connect our audience with nonprofits.

I can remember brainstorming ideas with ABPG president Mitch Bettis and recall how excited we were to conclude that this was the perfect opportunity to pair two of our most powerful publications. It’s exciting to see Arkansas Business and Little Rock Soirée coming together to assist the nonprofit entities in our state.

For 15 years, Little Rock Soirée has been telling the stories of nonprofit organizations in central Arkansas and those who support them. From that history came a special section featured annually in our October issue called the “Wish List.” Seeing the Wish List evolve into a stand-alone publication that has a statewide reach is very fulfilling to me.

Special thanks go to three generous businesses for the support of our first Arkansas Giving Guide. The sponsorship support from Heart of Arkansas United Way, Mitchell Williams and Simmons Bank allowed so many nonprofits to participate in this year’s guide.

Now the guide is in your hands, and it’s up to you to take action. There are more than 8,000 nonprofit organizations in Arkansas according to the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance. We are a giving state, but all too often the busy lives we lead keep us from giving back to our communities like we should.

The Arkansas Giving Guide is a resource where you can spend time getting to know the outstanding organizations who participated in this guide. We hope you enjoy their stories and learning about the amazing work they are doing. This is also an opportunity to learn how each organization is funded, what their primary needs are and how you can help.

You will find everyone needs something, and whether your gift is small or large the impact of your gift is great.


Mandy Richardson
Publisher, Little Rock Soirée