Founded in 1982, Wolfe Street Foundation is Arkansas’ largest nonprofit resource dedicated to recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

The foundation runs Wolfe Street Center in downtown Little Rock; a safe and welcoming place where individuals and their families can find proven solutions to a life ravaged by addiction. Wolfe Street Center welcomes 100,000 people through its doors each year and is open 365 days, 16 hours a day.

Wolfe Street also hosts educational, prevention and outreach programs to the public including mental health certifications and a telephone hotline which serves as central Arkansas’ first stop on the road to recovery. Our largest fundraiser is the annual Oscar watch party at Robinson Center.

Wolfe Street Foundation is proud to welcome Ashley and Allen Engstrom to serve as Oscar Watch 2017 Chairs.

Giving Opportunities

Unlike others funded by recurring grants, WSF is 100 percent funded by private donations and corporations committed to giving back. In 2017, help us with:

  • Oscar Night 2017 —  $7,500 or in-kind services will provide audiovisual services to outfit Robinson Center.
  • 1-888-4ADRUNK — $8,250 will expand our hotline to service callers from the state seeking information around the clock on local recovery resources.
  • New Mac desktop —  $1,580 will help us professionalize our communications for better outreach and media messaging.

Executive Director: Dr. Caroline M. Ford
: 6
Service Area: Arkansas
Established: 1982

1015 S. Louisiana St.
Little Rock, AR 72203
(501) 372-5662