Top 100 Women of Impact in Arkansas 2023

Director’s Letter

Twenty-five years ago, Arkansas Business published its last “Top 100 Women of Arkansas,” a five-year initiative designed to showcase female talent across our state, talent that was deserving of and needed to serve on boards and assume leadership positions across our business community. These original Top 100 Women did indeed go on to become some of the first generation of women breaking barriers by sitting on state and national high profile business boards, and they paved the way for the next generation of women who followed. 

Today, our business media is filled with the names and faces of women leading our state, including our first female governor, the pinnacle of leadership in our state — so why a new list now?

This list is not called the “Top 100 Women in Arkansas” for a reason. This list is called the “Top 100 Women of Impact.” This is a collective list based on nominations from friends, colleagues and admirers of women across our state who may not necessarily be a household name, but are making a difference in their community, their job sector and our state. We want to stress the importance and connectedness of the women you recognize on this list and the women you don’t. Simply put, these are women who are committed to improving the lives of all Arkansans. 

We are a small state. There are only a few degrees of separation between each of us. We honor and recognize these women and their impact because they are only a few degrees from the problems that plague our state, and they are doing something about it. We need this list and the women on it so we can amplify the narrative that Arkansas is working hard to make itself a state where every person can thrive. We need to showcase the good work that is happening so we are inspired and see others rise to the challenge of bringing forward solutions to our problems. 

At the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas, we champion the vital role women play in our state’s economy. Its health and success are intrinsically tied to the individuals you will learn about in this publication. We could not be more proud to partner in the publication of this new list a generation later because we know these women — their stories, their lives, their impact — are connected to the next generation of Arkansans and our opportunity for a better future. 

My deep appreciation,

Anna Beth Gorman
Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Foundation of Arkansas


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 Robyn P. Allmendinger

 Elizabeth Burns Anderson

 Katherine Andrews

 Daymara Baker

 Katherine Simms Berry

 Graycen Colbert Bigger

 Tracy Black

 Jean C. Block

 Mellie Boagni (Bridewell)

 Michele Brown

 Erika Buenrrostro

 Leah Marie Collins

 Angie Cooper

 Esperanza Massana Crane

 Sammie Cribbs

 Shunqetta N. Cunningham

 Krista Cupp

 Breanne Davis

 Cathy Clark Dickinson

 Marcy Doderer

 Annette Dove

 Angela Duran

 Tamika S. Edwards

 Kelly Eichler

 Faith Elliott

 Laura Ferner

 Rebekah S. Fincher

 Quantia “Key” Fletcher

 Tonya Fletcher

 Eliza Hussman Gaines

 Sarah Goforth

 Gina Gomez

 Suzanne Grobmyer

 Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

 Janet Harris

 Shannon Hendrix

 Marie Holder

 Abby Hughes Holsclaw

 Lexanne Horton

 Leslie Huitt

 Mandy Hunt

 Beckie Irvin

 Jennifer Hare James

 Annemarie Dillard Jazic

 Lisa John-Adams

 Cherisse Jones-Branch

 Colbie Jones

 Debbie Jones

 Heather (Albright) Jones

 Jerrilyn Jones

 Julie C. Joyce

 Kim Koch

 Laura Landreaux

 Marcina R. Langrine

 Heather Larkin

 Brookshield Laurent

 Talicia Lee-Richardson

 Toni Lindsey

 Heather Knight Loftis

 Meredith Lowry

 Nirvana Manning

 Susannah T. Marshall

 Julie McCallister

 Judy R. McReynolds

 Cherilyn Grant Minnis

 Debrah Mitchell

 Brooke E.E. Montgomery

 Danyelle Musselman

 Creshelle R. Nash

 Karama Neal

 Kim LaScola Needy

 Shannon Newton

 Keegan Nichols

 Marnie Oldner

 Jamie Pafford-Gresham

 Katherine Pickus

 Rebecca Pittillo

 LaTasha McNeely Randle

 Sandra Register

 Karen Reynolds

 Sondra Rodocker

 Mimi San Pedro

 Sarah Huckabee Sanders

 Hallie Shoffner

 Shelley Simpson

 Rickie J. Smith

 Margarita Solórzano

 Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

 Barbara Sugg

 Melissa P. Taverner

 Denise Henderson Thomas

 Lenore Trammell

 Erendira Arianna Vazquez

 Shirley Moorehead Washington

 Jeanne Y. Wei

 Mindy Atwood West

 Anika T. Whitfield

 Kara Wilkins

 Alison R. Williams

 Keli Wylie


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