The October issue has long been a special one for Team Soirée. At a time when many are determining their philanthropic contributions for the year (or budgeting for the next), we take the opportunity to highlight some of the nonprofits serving Arkansas through our annual Giving Guide.

The 2022-2023 guide got a bit of a refresh, designed to help you make informed decisions about which organizations to support. And while it's easier to navigate than ever, here are a few tips to simplify the process further.

What's Inside: Profiles of more than 50 nonprofits sharing key information on each organization, explaining who they are and what they need from you to continue their work.

Mission & Impact: This will help you understand the work each nonprofit does, the community it serves and the impact it makes on that community.

Fundraisers & Events: Mark your calendars and show up for an organization at an upcoming event. This is a great way to interact with a nonprofit you aren’t familiar with and/or support one you have a relationship with.

Volunteer Opportunities: If hands-on involvement is a priority of yours, look for this section to find groups who need people like you for everything from serving meals to gala check-ins.

Board of Directors: These individuals are giving their time, energy and often financial support to their nonprofits. Recognize a board member? Thank them for the work they do, and ask them for personalized insight on how you can get involved.

Giving Opportunities: This is the heart of the guide. Every nonprofit has different needs, and we've highlighted the current needs of each one. Find an organization you align with, then choose from its list of giving opportunities to determine how you, your family or your company can help that nonprofit succeed.

Contact Info: And if monetary donations aren't in the cards for you this year, we've included websites and social media accounts so you can give back by shouting out your nonprofit of choice and spreading the word online.

It's in your hands now, Little Rock.

We'll meet you in the guide. Happy giving.