The Arkansas Delta has lost more bottomland-hardwood forest (89%) than any other state. Rescue Our Wetlands!


Ducks Unlimited was established in 1937 amid the Dust Bowl drought and the Great Depression. Founded by people who understood the value of wetland resources and bolstered by the passage of the first federal duck stamp in 1934, DU is the premier organization for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. To date, we have conserved 14 million acres across the continent focusing heavily on the priority landscapes for waterfowl populations, while conserving habitat in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

Our strategy includes on-the-ground restoration and protection of key wetland habitats based on science and advocating for waterfowl-friendly public policy and responsible land and water use.


DU has more than 725,000 members nationwide and 26,000+ members in Arkansas. Join us to help Rescue Our Wetlands!

Please contact Corey Dunn at 501.553.3815 or to learn more about our work in Arkansas and beyond. You can also check out to find out about an upcoming event near you.


The lower Mississippi River Valley has lost 80% of its historic floodplain habitat. Our America’s River Initiative protects what’s left.

Help DU conserve and restore the 25-million-acre floodplain forest of the lower Mississippi River to support abundant and diverse wildlife.

The Mississippi River floodplains once stored 60 days of floodwaters; today it’s only 12. Help us reduce flooding impacts.

Give to make a change for the better in America, in Arkansas, in your backyard.


Established: 1937

Employees: 500

Service Area: North America

Dale Hall

Rogers Hoyt
President; Texas
Paul Bonderson
Chairman of the Board; Calif.
Bill D'Alonzo
First Vice President; Fla.
Dale Hall
DU CEO; Tenn.
Chuck Smith
Secretary; Tenn.
Wendell Weakley
Treasurer; Miss.

Pete Albrecht, Mich.
Bill Ansell, Texas
David Blom, Canada
Paul Boehne, Ore.
Harold Cannon, Tenn.
Louis Caputo, Del.
Jim Cerza, N.C.
Kathy Christian, Mont.
Steve Cook, Ark.
James Couch, Canada
Scott Crawford, Del.
Shawn de Cento, Texas
Linda Daugherty, Mont.
Brian Dillon, Mass.
George Dunklin, Ark.
Mac Dunfield, Canada
Tom Enos, Nev.
Doug Federighi, Calif.
David Flink, Minn.
Doug Frey, Texas
Robert Gokey, Texas
William Hamill, Ark.
Jerry Harris, Md.
Jeff Heidelbauer, S.D.
Bob Hester, Tenn.
Dave Hinman, Calif.
Larry Jensen, Tenn.
Tom Jernigan, Ala.
Galen Johnson, Ill.
Howard Johnson, Wyo.
Rusty Legg, Texas
Mark Low, Calif.

Peter MacGaffin, Del.
Edward May, Ore.
Steve Maritz, Mo.
Joe Mazon, N.J.
Mickey McMillin, La.
Mike McShane, S.C.  
Al Montna, Calif.
Julian Ottley, Va.
Jay Owen, La.
Connie Parker, Va.
Brian Priddle, Ky.
Ronal Roberson, Miss.
Clay Rogers, Neb.
Gary Salmon, La.
Bill Sarafin, Ill.
Doug Schoenrock, Ala.
Rex Schulz, Ill.
Mike Scuse, Del.
Robert Spoerl, Wis.
Joe Stough, La.
Nels Swenson, Wis.
Jim Talbert, Mo.
Jay Taylor, N.C.
Christine Thomas, Wis.
John Tomke, Ind.
David Victory, Miss.
Mike Woodward, N.Y.

One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, TN 38120


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