Little Rock Soirée 2022 Mental Health Resource Guide

Although it will affect nearly everyone in their lifetime, and despite two grueling years that left no one untouched, mental illness still comes with a societal stigma.

Our goal, and the goal of the organizations and professionals on the following pages, is to help those who are struggling personally or who care for someone who is, and for us all to recognize the warning signs.

In our annual Mental Health Resource Guide, learn more about mental health providers in central Arkansas who are available to assist you, your children, your friends or other loved ones.

Arkansas Behavioral Center
501.537.0158 |

The Centers
6501 W. 12th St. & 1521 Merrill Drive, Little Rock
501.666.8686 |

CHI St. Vincent Addiction Recovery Program
2 St. Vincent Circle, Little Rock
501.725.8000 |

RiverStone Wellness Center
5905 Forest Place, Ste. 230, Little Rock
501.777.3200 |

TMS Arkansas
700 S. Schiller, Ste. 300, Little Rock
501.313.2678 |

Arisa Health
3601 Richards Road, North Little Rock
1-877-201-0510 |

Mental Health Resource Guide Spotlights
Little Rock Counseling and Wellness | Rise Counseling
& Diagnostics | Wolfe Street Foundation

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