You Won’t Believe What’s Coming to Little Rock This Summer


Just four words at the top the Slide the City webpage and we’re already losing our minds.

Slide the City is a giant, 1,000-ft. water slide that travels around the U.S., getting rolled out down the streets of a host city.

Let’s revisit that real quick: a 1,000-ft water slide in the middle of Little Rock. 

They shut down streets and turn the place into a water park. The whole day, family friendly event includes live music, food, drinks and an extremely padded slide. Slide the City also partners with a local charity in each city because they’re awesome. Rain doesn’t even stop this thing.

There are three packages for purchase that determine how many runs down the slide you get, as well as the amount of swag you receive. T-shirts, tubes, water guns and mouth guards are all up for grabs.

Registration isn’t open yet and there are no details posted yet, but it’s coming and that’s all that matters.

Here’s a little something to get you pumped.

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