Treat Insurance Agency: Expansive Knowledge on Medicare

For more than 16 years, Treat Insurance Agency is one of the most sought-after agencies in Arkansas

Treat Insurance Agency (TIA) is a 100% woman-owned and woman-built business. TIA provides balanced, independent recommendations on Medicare plans, as well as Medicare planning and consulting. Monica Treat founded the company 16 years ago with a heartfelt passion to educate her clients on all the complexities of Medicare. With her vast knowledge of Medicare rules, eligibility, enrollment periods, penalties and the overwhelming number of plans offered through her agency, a client dotingly dubbed her with the title of being a Medicare “SME” (Subject Matter Expert).

Over the many years of building the Treat Insurance Agency, Treat has been no stranger to challenges, setbacks and skepticism. She recalls, “Before I started my agency, I sat down to collaborate with a very well-known agency owner in Little Rock. As I sat in his upscale office telling him my dreams and aspirations, he responded with ‘you’ll never build an agency to my scale.’ Rather than letting that deter me, it motivated me.” Today, TIA is among that agency’s biggest competitors in the Medicare market. Treat’s ability to turn adversity into advantage has become a hallmark of her success story.

In a world where glass ceilings still persist, her heart’s desire is to illuminate the path for aspiring women entrepreneurs to dream big, achieve more and conquer their chosen fields with unparalleled grace and excellence.

“I love when my team tells me that I see something in them that they don’t see in themselves! What a gift to help women strive for their full potential!”

Treat Insurance Agency
5401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. E2, North Little Rock | | 501.246.5169

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