Top 100 Women of Impact: Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, CFP, CRPS

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, CFP, CRPS

CEO, Aptus Financial

About me: I am, at heart, a public policy wonk, and I believe the business world can work to solve large public policy problems, including the retirement crisis. My team and I have dedicated our careers to create a savings culture. We know that if a 22-year-old starting her first job signs up for her retirement plan and saves 10%, she will one day be able to retire. Her kids are likely to save, as well. My company works with over 25 organizations representing over 20,000 participants. We are spreading the “Save10” message, encouraging employees to defend themselves with emergency funds and have had millions of student loans forgiven (and counting) as part of our Public Service Loan Forgiveness advice services.

Lives/Works in: Little Rock

Best Career Advice: Have a large walk-away fund. Career advancement or jumping off to start your own gig takes a lot of courage, but lacking savings and living paycheck to paycheck precludes many people from following their dreams. I never would have taken the leap to start my own company without a nest egg.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: You deserve to be where you are. When I got into Harvard for grad school, I remember looking around wondering when the jig would be up and everyone would realize I didn’t belong. I look back on that time and realize how much I missed by feeling undeserving.

Proudest Moment of Impact: I wish people could understand what a gift it is when they take the time to tell me they are saving 10% in their retirement plan. I know what a profound decision it is and always imagine what they will feel like when they are ready to retire and will have the means to do it.

Call to Action: Take the Save10 commitment and commit to saving 10% the rest of your working career. If we save publicly at even a fraction of how we spend publicly, then maybe we can normalize saving.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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