Top 100 Women of Impact: Rev. Anika T. Whitfield, DPM

Rev. Anika T. Whitfield, DPM

Organizer, Grassroots Arkansas

About me: I am a 50-year-young, blessed woman who loves God, my family, friends, neighbors, community and God’s creation. I come from a family rich in love, rooted in faith, that deeply appreciates education and upholding justice. Since childhood, I’ve been nourished by a deep and eternal relationship with God and my ancestors that has helped me stay spiritually grounded and nurtured. I try to live life being a present help, loving deeply, upholding justice and seeking to realize equity and compassion where it is absent. I have been blessed with gifts of healing, encouragement, caregiving, compassion, preaching, teaching and public speaking that I enjoy sharing.

Lives in: Little Rock • Works: Wherever I’m needed

Best Career Advice: Remember to create and define your career. Don’t let your career create or define you.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: Sometimes the people you least expect will let you down, disappoint you, not appreciate you or your sacrifices. Don’t stop loving.

Call to Action: Call for justice, equity and reparations. Too many children, families and communities are suffering because we refuse to invest our money, talents and resources in low-income homes, neighborhoods and communities. There is a cure for evil: love. There is a cure for poverty: acknowledging and eradicating systems and institutions of racism and returning to Native/Indigenous, African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx people what was stolen from us and our ancestors.

What Keeps Me Motivated: God, my family, friends, community and seeing needs not met that I can help meet.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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