The Best Places to Watch a Romantic Little Rock Sunset


Everybody loves a good sunset. And as cheesy as it may sound, they do make for a pretty stellar backdrop to any date night. So cue up Ol’ Blue Eyes, Bryan Adams or Bon Iver and settle in for a show at any of these great sunset-watching spots.


Take a Hike

Three cheers for The Natural State! You’ll find the best views from horizon to horizon if you make the trek to Pinnacle Mountain or the out-and-back Emerald Park trail on the other side of the river. Just be careful. You may end up climbing down a mountain in the dark, but headlamps are cute, right?


Park it Right There

Once again, The Natural State is killing it in the outside beauty department. If you still want to be surrounded by the great outdoors, but aren’t feeling up to a hike, set up camp at Knoop Park in Hillcrest. Though the best views don’t face west, you can watch the colors dance across the downtown skyline. Really want to stare down the sun? Stroll through Burns Park or along the Arkansas River Trail, and even the Rockwater Marina area in NLR offers great views.



Nature not exactly your thing? No problem. Get your golden hour on in the paved part of town by heading to the top level of a public parking garage for a 360 view. You can even walk the State Capitol Building grounds and watch the sun disappear behind one of Arkansas’ most impressive structures.


Pick a Bridge, Any Bridge

In case you missed the memo, Little Rock has a lot of bridges, and they all offer different and stunning views of the city and the skyline. If you want more city in your scope, try the Clinton Presidential Park bridge. If you want benches and binoculars, head to the Big Dam Bridge. If you want an unobstructed view, Two Rivers is your bridge.


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