Soirée Presents Little Rock’s Top Docs 2023

In a time when your health matters more than ever, so does choosing the right doctor.

Little Rock is full of hospitals and clinics that are full of amazing health care providers, so to find the best of the best, we went directly to the source: their coworkers.

Below is our annual list of the metro’s Top Docs, all currently licensed and practicing, as voted by their peers.

*Denotes a rising star physician who has been practicing for less than five years.

In the linked profiles below, you’ll meet some of the doctors from these clinics/hospitals through paid promotional content. Whether they choose to advertise in the magazine has no bearing on this list. Doctors with listed clinics/hospitals advertised in this issue. For more information on how we put together this list, see our List Methodology & Disclaimers at the bottom of this page.

Addiction Medicine

Michael J. Mancino – UAMS Health Center for Addiction Services & Treatment

Allergy Immunology

Kelly Burks

Melissa Graham

Stacie Jones – Arkansas Children’s

Joshua L. Kennedy – UAMS Health Allergy & Immunology Clinic

Amy Scurlock – Arkansas Children’s


Julius G. Balogh – UAMS Health 

Cynthia Chapman – UAMS Health

Shannon Stough Dare – UAMS Health

Nadir R. El Sharawi – UAMS Health

James Hunt – Arkansas Children’s

Riley Susanne C. Lide – UAMS Health

Victor Mandoff – UAMS Health

Gregory Ryan Mehaffey – UAMS Health

Jill M. Mhyre – UAMS Health

Arundathi M. N. Reddy – Arkansas Children’s

Thea Rosenbaum – UAMS Health

Matthew Spond – UAMS Health

Alvin F. Stewart – UAMS Health

Brent L. Walker


David G Jones – Baptist Health Heart Institute/Arkansas Cardiology Clinic

John Paul Mounsey – UAMS Health Cardiology Clinic

Hakan Paydak – UAMS Health Cardiology Clinic

Allison Michelle Shaw-Devine – UAMS Health Cardiology Clinic

Srikanth Vallurupalli – UAMS Health Cardiology Clinic

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Katy A. Marino* – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Jason L. Muesse – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Matthew A. Steliga – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Colon & Rectal Surgery

Lance K. Burns

Johnathan A. Laryea – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Jason S. Mizell – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

W. Conan Mustain – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery

Suzanne Yee – Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center


Lindsay lipke Enns – Dermatology Group of Arkansas

Jay A. Flaming

Megan Suzanne Evans – UAMS Health

Hayden H. Franks – Franks Dermatology

Andrea Mabry

Ray K. Parker

Sara Shalin – UAMS Health

Vivian Y. Shi – UAMS Health Dermatology Clinic

Brian S. Wayne

Marla Wirges

Diagnostic Radiology

Teresita Angtuaco** – UAMS Health Women’s Cancer Clinic

Gwendolyn M. Bryant-Smith – UAMS Health Breast Cancer insitute

Hemendra R. Shah** – UAMS Health 

Rudy Van Hemert Jr. – UAMS Health

Emergency Medicine

Carly D. Eastin – UAMS Health

Travis R. Eastin – UAMS Health

Donald Foster – Akansas Children’s

Rachael L. Freeze-Ramsey – UAMS Health

Randolph Maddox – UAMS Health

Rawle Anthony Seupaul – UAMS Health

Elizabeth Storm – Arkansas Children’s

Joseph Wesley Watkins IV – UAMS Health

Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

Elena Ambrogini – UAMS Health Endocrinology Clinic

Donald L. Bodenner – UAMS Health Head & Neck Oncology Clinic

Dinesh Edem – UAMS Health Endocrinology Clinic

Joseph A. Henske – UAMS Health Endocrinology Clinic

Family Medicine

Jennifer N. Casey – UAMS Health Neighborhood Clinic

Kent Covert

Lauren E. Gibson-Oliver – UAMS Health Family Medical Center

John Freeland Jayroe

Shashank S. Kraleti – UAMS Health

Kevin D. Roberts

Victor Gonzalo Vargas – OrthoArkansas


Terrence L. Angtuaco

Matthew G. Deneke – UAMS Health Gastroenterology Clinic

Stephen Fiedorek

Brian T. Hughes Sumant Inamdar – UAMS Health Gastroenterology Clinic

Ali Safdar Khan – Baptist Health Gastroenterology Clinic

Whit Knapple

Brian L. Mcgee – Arkansas Diagnostic Center

Dhaval H. Patel

Mary Katherine Rude – UAMS Health Gastroenterology Clinic

General Surgery

Benjamin Lee Davis – UAMS Health Surgery Clinic

Kyle Jeffery Kalkwarf – UAMS Health Surgery Clinic

Peter Joo Kim – Baptist Health Surgical Clinic

Mary Katherine Kimbrough – UAMS Health Surgery Clinic

Matthew Roberts* – UAMS Health Surgery Clinic

Ronald D. Robertson** – UAMS Health Surgery Clinic

April Turner – Baptist Health Surgical Clinic

James Walker

Geriatric Medicine

Gohar Azhar – UAMS Health Thomas & Lyon Longevity Clinic

Maneetha Kodali – UAMS Health Thomas & Lyon Longevity Clinic

Priya Mendiratta – UAMS Health Thomas & Lyon Longevity Clinic

Jeanne Y. Wei – UAMS Health Thomas & Lyon Longevity Clinic

Gynecologic Oncology

Alexander F. Burnett – UAMS Health Women’s Cancer Clinic

Heather R. Williams – UAMS Health Women’s Cancer Clinic

Hand Surgery

Jeannie A. Anderson – OrthoArkansas

David Albritton Black – Arkansas Health Network OrthoArkansas

John W. Bracey Jr. – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Brian D. Norton – OrthoArkansas

Mark A. Tait – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Richard Wirges – OrthoArkansas

Theresa Wyrick – Arkansas Children’s

Theresa O. Wyrick-Glover – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic


Akash Mukherjee – UAMS Health Hematology Oncology Clinic

Muthu Veeraputhiran – UAMS Health Hematology Oncology Clinic

Hospice & Palliative

Sara Beth Harrington – UAMS Health Palliative Care Clinic

Sarah E. Harrington – UAMS Health Palliative Care Clinic

Heather C. Moore – UAMS Health Palliative Care Clinic

Infectious Disease

Ryan K. Dare – UAMS Health Infectious Diseases Clinic

Susan Kaye Delap – Arkansas Pulmonary, Sleep & Infectious Disease

Michael Saccente – UAMS Health

Keyur S. Vyas – UAMS Health

Brandon Walser

Heather Young – Arkansas Children’s

Internal Medicine

Alice P. Alexander – UAMS Health

Robert H. Hopkins Jr. – UAMS Health Internal Medicine Clinic

Morgan M. Horn* – UAMS Health

Siobahn Hruby

Anna Kendrick

Riley Lipschitz – UAMS Health Internal Medicine Clinic

Ann Templeton Riggs – Baptist Health Internal Medicine Clinic

Kristen J. Shealy – UAMS Internal Medicine Clinic

Sara G. Tariq – UAMS Health Internal Medicine Clinic

Tobias J. Vancil – UAMS Health Internal Medicine Clinic

Interventional Cardiology

Gary J. Collins – Baptist Health Heart Institute/Arkansas Cardiology

Gaurav Dhar – UAMS Health Cardiology

Forrest D. Glover

Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Mafisa K. Dajani – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Adam T. Sandlin – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Dayna Whitcombe – UAMS Health


Muhammad G. Alam – Kidney Care Center

John M. Arthur – UAMS Health

Prajwal Chevireddy

John Kevin Heifner

Hunter Holtoff – UAMS Health

Nithin Karakala – UAMS Health Renal Clinic

Shane P. Kimball – Baptist Health Renal Associates

Manisha Singh – UAMS Health Renal Clinic

Michelle C. Whittier Krause – UAMS Health Renal Clinic

Neurological Surgery 

Gregory W. Albert – Arkansas Children’s

Timothy Burson – Baptist Health Neurosurgery Arkansas

John D. Day – UAMS Health Neurosurgery Clinic

Eylem Ocal – Arkansas Children’s

Erika Anne Petersen – UAMS Health Neurosurgery Clinic

Jonathan A. Reding – Baptist Health Neurosurgery Arkansas

Analiz Rodriguez – UAMS Health Neurosurgery Clinic


Robert L. Archer** – UAMS Health Neurology Clinic

Rohit Dhall – UAMS Health Movement Disorders Clinic

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Brian M. Burton – The Woman’s Clinic

Laura Leigh Hollenbach – UAMS Health

Nirvana A. Manning – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Amy M. Phillips – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Mary Luann Racher – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Dora Mah Smith – UAMS Health

Michael Vincent Cunningham Smith – UAMS Health Women’s Center

Lindsey B. Sward – UAMS Health

Paul John Wendel – Baptist Health Maternal Fetal Medicine


Konstantinos Arnaoutakis – UAMS Health Medical Oncology Clinic

Omar T. Atiq** – UAMS Health Hematology Oncology Clinic

Sajjad A. Bhatti – UAMS Health Medical Oncology Clinic

Rhonda Gentry – CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock

Rangaswamy Govindarajan – Medical Oncology Clinic

Sam Makhoul – CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock


Katherine H. Baltz

Tracy C. Baltz

Joseph G. Chacko – UAMS Health Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute Clinic

Romona L. Davis – UAMS Health Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute Clinic

Christian Cardell Hester – Little Rock Eye Clinic

Paul Phillips – Arkansas Children’s

Sami H. Uwaydat – Arkansas Children’s

Monica Verma – Children’s Eye Care & Surgery of Arkansas

Kent A. Zocchi

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

John Jones – Arkansas Children’s

Ernest S. Woodward III – Baptist Health

Orthopedic Surgery

C. Lowry Barnes – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Steven Matthew Cherney

Eric Houston Gordon – OrthoArkansas

Michael M. Hussey – OrthoArkansas

Kenneth A. Martin – Arkansas Surgical, Martin Orthopedics

Robert D. Martin – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Simon Cavendish Mears – UAMS Health

Corey Montgomery – Arkansas Children’s

Gordon Newbern – OrthoArkansas

Kirk Allen Reynolds – OrthoArkansas

Ethan J. Schock – OrthoArkansas

Jeffrey B. Stambough – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Benjamin Stronach – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Jonathan David Wyatt – OrthoArkansas


Richard D. Peek – OrthoArkansas

Edward H. Saer – OrthoArkansas

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Jennings Russell Boyette – UAMS Health 

John L. Dornhoffer – UAMS Health Audiology Clinic

Alissa Kanaan – UAMS Health Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Clinic

Mauricio A. Moreno – UAMS Health Head & Neck Oncology Clinic

James Y. Suen** – UAMS Health Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Clinic

Ozlem E. Tulunay Ugur – UAMS Health Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Clinic

Emre A. Vural – UAMS Health Head & Neck Oncology Clinic

Pain Management

Johnathan H. Goree – UAMS Health Pain Clinic

G. Lawson Smith – UAMS Health Pain Clinic


Daisy V. Alapat – UAMS Health

Neriman Gokden – UAMS Health

Murat Gokden – Arkansas Children’s

Susanne K. Jeffus – UAMS Health

Jennifer Laudadio – UAMS Health

Soumya Pandey – UAMS Health

Charles Matther Quick – UAMS Health

Eric R. Rosenbaum – UAMS Health

Pediatric Allergy Immunology

Tamara Perry – Arkansas Children’s

Robert Pesek – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Cardiology

Elijah Bolin – Arkansas Children’s

Brian Eble – Arkansas Children’s

Kenneth Richard Knecht – Arkansas Children’s

Shae Anderson Merves – Arkansas Children’s

Michele Moss – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Dermatology

Jay Kincannon – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Endocrinology

Shipra Bansal – Arkansas Children’s

Jon Oden – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Travis Ayers – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Orthopedics Orthopedic Surgery

Robert Blasier** – Arkansas Children’s

Brien Rabenhorst – Arkansas Children’s

Brant Sachleben – Arkansas Children’s

Scott Schoenleber – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT)

Larry Hartzell – Arkansas Children’s

Adam B. Johnson – Arkansas Children’s

Abby Nolder – Arkansas Children’s

Gresham Richter – Arkansas Children’s

Andre Wineland – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatric Surgery

Jeffrey Burford – Arkansas Children’s

Sid Dassinger – Arkansas Children’s

Richard J. Jackson – Arkansas Children’s

Robert Maxson – Arkansas Children’s

Deidre Wyrick – Arkansas Children’s

Pediatrics General 

Jared Cole Beavers – Arkansas Children’s

Emily Holthoff* – UAMS Health Neighborhood Clinic

Joshua O’Neill – Little Rock Pediatric Clinic

Sara Ellen Peeples – Arkansas Children’s

Catherine O. Robben – Little Rock Pediatric Clinic

Chadwick Rodgers – Little Rock Pediatric Clinic

Laura Sisterhen – Arkansas Children’s

Aaron Strong – Little Rock Pediatric Clinic

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Rodrigo Ibanez Cayme – OrthoArkansas

Gary A. Frankowski

Laura Hobart-Porter – Arkansas Children’s 

Thomas Kiser – UAMS Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic

Rani H. Lindberg – UAMS Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic

Kevin M. Means – UAMS Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic

Ameir Qureshi

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Edward J. Love

Melanie Denise Prince

Keith G. Wolter – UAMS Health

Zachary T. Young

James C. Yuen – UAMS Health Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic


Jessica L. Coker – UAMS Health Women’s Mental Health Clinic

Shona L. Ray-Griffith – UAMS Health Women’s Mental Health Clinic

John James Spollen III – UAMS Health

Purnshottam Bhadra Thapa – UAMS Health Student Wellness Center

Abeer Washington – Rice Clinic

Hannah Henson WIlliams


Willam T. Atchley – UAMS Health Pulmonary Clinic

Jose Diego Caceres* – UAMS Health Pulmonary Clinic

Nathan Thomas Hill – Baptist Health Interventional Pulmonology & Critical Care

Rajani Jagana – UAMS Health Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Larry G. Johnson – UAMS Health Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Emily G. Kocurek – UAMS Health Pulmonary Clinic

Nikhil Kumar Meena – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Deepa Raghavan – UAMS Health Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Anand Narasimhadevara Venkata – UAMS Health Pulmonary Clinic

Radiation Oncology

Leslie M. Harrell – UAMS Health Radiation Oncology Center

Gary D. Lewis – UAMS Health Radiation Oncology Center

Sanjay Maraboyina – UAMS Health Radiation Oncology Center

Fen Xia – UAMS Health Radiation Oncology Center


Kedar Jambhekar – UAMS Health

Mary E. Meek – UAMS Health Interventional Radiology Clinic

Roopa Ram – UAMS Health

Reproductive Endocrinology

Francisco Batres

Dean Moutos


Jasen Cheng Chi

Rachel Wayne

Sleep Medicine

Supriya Jambhekar – Arkansas Children’s

Khaled R. Khasawneh – UAMS Health Sleep Clinic

Spine Surgery

David B. Bumpass – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Anthony L. Capocelli Jr. – OrthoArkansas

Noojan Kazemi – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Richard E. McCarthy – Arkansas Children’s

Ikemefuna Uzo Onyekwelu Jr. – OrthoArkansas

Samuel C. Overley – UAMS Health Orthopaedic Clinic

Jared Justin Seale – OrthoArkansas

Sports Medicine

Michael Israel – Arkansas Children’s

Surgical Oncology

Rhonda S. Henry Tillman – UAMS Health Women’s Cancer Clinic

Michail Mavros – UAMS Health Surgical Oncology Clinic

Daniela A. Ochoa – UAMS Health Women’s Cancer Clinic

Sonia Orcutt – UAMS Surgical Oncology Clinic

Jumin Sunde* – UAMS Health Head & Neck Oncology Clinic


Timothy D. Langford – UAMS Health

Ashay Patel – Arkansas Children’s

Julie Riley – UAMS Health

Vascular Surgery 

Mohammed Mahoud Moursi – Baptist Health, UAMS Health Vascular Surgery

Christian D. Simmons

Top Docs List Methodology & Disclaimers

To create this year’s list, Little Rock Soirée contracted DataJoe Research to facilitate an online peer-voting process and internet research process. DataJoe Research is a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the U.S. on behalf of publishers.

To create the list, DataJoe facilitated an online peer-voting process paired with an internet research process to identify success characteristics. DataJoe checked and confirmed that each published winner had, at time of review, a current, active license status with the appropriate state regulatory board. If evidence of a professional’s current, active registration with the state regulatory board was not found, that doctor was excluded from the list. In addition, public sources were checked to identify doctors disciplined for an infraction by the state regulatory board. These entities were also excluded from the list. Finally, DataJoe presented the tallied result to the magazine for its final review and adjustments.

We recognize there are many good doctors who are not shown in this representative list. This is only a sampling of the huge array of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion in the list is based on the opinions of responding doctors and our research in the region. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting, although we understand the results of this survey nomination and internet research campaign are not an objective metric. We certainly do not discount the fact that many, many good and effective doctors may not appear on the list.

DataJoe and Little Rock Soirée use best practices and exercise great care in assembling content for this list. DataJoe does not warrant the data contained within the list are complete or accurate. Neither party assumes, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause. All rights reserved.

Questions? For research/methodology questions, contact the research team at

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