Skin is In for Rachel Miller & Brittany Marsh

Rachel Miller and Brittany Marsh know a thing or two about skin care. In their 9-to-5s as an aesthetic nurse injector at Franks Dermatology and the owner and pharmacist of Cornerstone Pharmacy at Rodney Parham respectively, the duo have earned their stripes in the medical field, knowledge that served them well when they teamed up to launch Miller Marsh Cosmetics in 2020.

Here, get to know the pros behind the hit products.

What made you want to strike out on your own and start Miller Marsh?

Using great skin care and cosmetic products can make a huge change in your skin. A lot of skin care lines were expensive and too hard to accomplish on a daily basis. We found a lot of them irritable and harsh on allergenic skin. We wanted to create medical-grade products that are easy to use, clean, affordable and efficacious.

What does this new line bring to the table that others don’t?

Our signature line was created by and for both of us. We know and love every ingredient! Our signature serum is very different from any other serum of its kind because of its dual vitamin C and hyaluronic acid ingredients. It has multiple show-stopping products all in one: daily antioxidants to protect against environmental damage, brighteners, ingredients that improve fine lines/wrinkles/elasticity and super hydration properties – you don’t even need a moisturizer. It is one step, morning and night, whereas most vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums are two separate products.

In addition, our eye cream is super unique in its silky smooth texture. This product has hyaluronic acid along with caffeine to help with puffiness. It also has vitamins A and E to continue the antioxidant effects. However, the texture of our eye cream is what everyone raves about.

As skin pros, what do you wish more people knew about cosmetics?

Three main things:

• It’s important to use skin care that is medical-grade in which you know what is being produced. They may be a little more expensive, but they make a bigger difference in your skin.

• I always tell people to give your skin care at least three months. It takes that long to see a change in your skin. Consistency is key.

• You don’t have to have one of every single expensive product. You can have good skin care and stay within your budget. The most important thing is to spend money on the “game-changer” products.

In that same vein, what are the most common skin myths and misconceptions you hear from clients?

Three more things:

• “If it burns, it means it is working.” A little bit of a tingle is normal with some products, but stinging and burning is not normal and could mean you are using too much, are allergic to the product or your skin is too sensitive for the product.

• “Using a larger quantity of a product will give better results.” Less is actually more. A pea-sized amount is the perfect amount. If you use too much, it can cause skin problems and waste your money!

• “You don’t need to wear sunscreen if it’s not sunny.” It is so important to wear sunscreen every day. Even if you aren’t outside, you need to wear sunscreen every morning to protect your skin!

If you had to pick one can’t-live-without item from your line, what would it be and why?

Our vitamin C/hyaluronic acid Luxe Serum. It is everything you need every day in one product. It’s your brightening, anti-aging and super hydrating serum that gives you that “Hollywood glow.” We also found, after years of work, that makeup looks great over the serum and no primer is needed. It will forever be our premier, signature product!

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