Revive Lifestyle Medicine: Aging is Not for the Faint of Heart

Jourdan Quinn, APRN
McKenna Adams / Kendall James
Jenni Colson, RN / Tori Cecil
Candace Husman, PA
Lindsey Ponwith, APRN
Meagen Peterson / Kayla Hayes, RN-BC

Revive Lifestyle Medicine

Revive Lifestyle Medicine is a functional health care practice. Lindsey Ponwith started this private practice as a nurse practitioner serving patients with issues achieving functional health or health care that improves their quality of life. She was called to serve patients who need a provider to dial into some of the most intimate areas of health care, specializing in metabolic and hormonal health.  

Revive’s medical staff conducts relatable health interviews to ensure each patient knows there are multiple treatments available and that the patient is very involved and in control of making his or her own decisions. The staff’s joy comes from teaching patients about their own health and practices to improve health. It is amazing how little we know about ourselves and how much we will change habits once we know “why.”  

Ten years ago, it was thought that hormone replacement therapy was dangerous. Now we are discovering that hormone therapies are effective and even proactive and preventative in many measures. Revive is one of the first providers of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in the state and ensures that patients receive the form of BHRT that is most appropriate for them when indicated.


Approach to treatment plans:

• At Revive, we discuss goals with the patient.  We work on a patient’s total health picture so they are able to receive hormone therapies in the healthiest way possible. You have to prepare a healthy foundation for all treatments.

Health/Wellness Tips:

• Treat your inside as well as your outside. Drink water. Recognize stress. Stay away from highly processed foods. Sleep.

What sets our practice apart:

• We look at the entire patient and meet the patient where they are currently. There is no time or state of a patient that is inappropriate for lifestyle change.

Our motto:

• Energy begets energy.


Lindsey Ponwith: B.A., Hendrix College; B.S. Nursing, UAMS; M.S. Nursing, Indiana State University, APRN, FNP-C; ABAAHP

Jourdan Quinn: M.S. Nursing, APRN, FNP-C

Candace Husman: B.S., UALR; PA-C Harding University

Kayla Hayes, RN

Mrs. Jenni Colson, RN


•Hormone health
•Functional health
•Weight management
•Aesthetic specialties


Revive Lifestyle Medicine


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