Preferred Seating: Little Rock’s Finest Restaurants and the People Who Love Them

The perfect recipe for a perfect restaurant varies widely, but the basic ingredients are the same: A group of skilled and highly motivated people with a passion for service and a love of good food.

Whatever the role — cook, chef, manager, owner, host, server — each one is essential in presenting the best possible plate.

And what’s good food without loyal patrons to enjoy it? Delighted customers are often the best marketing tool, offering tips and recommendations to ensure that other guests have an incredible dining experience.

Read on to learn more about some of Little Rock’s finest restaurants, the people who run them and the patrons who love them in a special promotional section presented by Little Rock Soiree and Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The restaurants include:

Cafe Bossa Nova

Rosalia’s Family Bakery

Sonny Williams’ Steak Room

Terry’s Finer Foods Restaurant

Loca Luna/Red Door

NYPD Pizza/Loganberry Frozen Yogurt

Capriccio Grill

Vesuvio Bistro

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