Front row, from left: Steve Scott, Mac Barnes, Nathan Kinard, Raymond Bertasi. Back row, from left: Nicole Neely, Devon Alpe, Kevin Richardson, Levi Wolters, Drew Payne, Abigail Lee.

Although many people may have already planned with their financial future in mind, they remain uncertain about how the strategies they’ve implemented will work for them in the future. At IQONIC Wealth Management, this is called fractured and centerless planning. With strategies catered to business owners, medical professionals and those in or entering retirement, IQONIC takes a fractured and centerless financial plan and makes it whole. 

Building a multigenerational firm starts with the foundation of trust. It’s why IQONIC first spends time unpacking what’s important to its clients. From there, they work with clients to co-author a written financial plan and provide recommendations and implementation to confidently integrate a financial planning roadmap. 

With locations in Little Rock and Memphis, this team of highly-credentialed financial professionals bring insight from more than 70 years of collective financial planning experience, manages $300,000,000 of client assets and is backed by the strength and capabilities of Northwestern Mutual. People have worked hard for the life they want. IQONIC is here to help them live it.

Nathan Kinard, CFP®

Mac Barnes, CFP®

Raymond Bertasi, CFP®

Steve Scott

Levi Wolters

Nicole Neely

Devon Alpe

Drew Payne

Abigail Lee

Kevin Richardson

10800 Financial Centre Pkwy., Ste. 550, Little Rock


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