Client Life Fulfillment and Satisfaction Drive our Passion to Understand and Serve

April Pollard, CFP®, CRPC®, is an advisor who strives to develop real relationships with her clients by going beyond account management and building portfolios to incorporating what is most important to them. She gets to know her clients and enjoys  learning about their hopes, dreams and goals.

“In our practice, we build lifelong strategic partnerships with our clients as if they were our own family,” says Pollard. “Understanding what is most important to them is the foundation of what we do. It’s about their goals, their long-term and short-term objectives and partnering with them as they build, protect and ultimately transfer their wealth to their family or the organizations they love.”

Pollard and her team work closely with their clients’ CPAs, attorneys and other professionals in strict confidence. This teamwork among all areas of their lives leads to clear and executable objectives that they all partner on. These conversations with her clients’ professional teams allow Pollard to go even deeper into opportunities for specific strategies that may benefit a client’s individual situation.

“It’s a joy to sit in a meeting with a client, their children, attorney and CPA really looking at and working to understand their current situation and the steps to successfully create the fulfilling life they envision for themselves and their family legacy,” says Pollard.

“What we do is more than finance. It’s living your life of satisfaction and fulfillment.”

April N. Pollard, CFP®, CRPC®

Financial Advisor

10 Corporate Hill, Ste. 210, Little Rock


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