Harrison McCarty
Pulaski Academy

GPA: 4.68

Colleges accepted to: Georgetown University, Tulane University, University of Virginia

Honors & Achievements: National American Foreign Service Essay Contest runner-up; Student Body vice president; Senior Class president; Model U.N. co-president; National History Day (Exhibit) district first place, state second place and national finalist; Arkansas Boys State city councilman, justice of the peace, party platform delegate and Arkansas Supreme Court chief justice

Career goal: I want to pursue a career in public service or public policy. Ideally, I would be working at a grassroots level to help individuals reach their full potential. Being a member of the Peace Corps, an officer in the United Nations, a consultant in a congressional office or even a teacher is especially appealing to me. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in youth empowerment and development due to my work as a camp counselor at Camp Winnamocka.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life: From freshman Model United Nations class to senior thesis, Mr. Bill Topich has truly transformed me into the student I am today. His focus on research and writing in conjunction with a nuanced approach to international affairs has shaped my interests and world views.