Toasts in Tow is Arkansas' newest mobile bar with drink spigots, customizable packages and a fully decked-out trailer ready to take on events. 

Owners Madeleine Rhodes and Jessica Taylor grew up in Rison and Bryant (respectively) and have known each other since 2017. During one morning brunch late last fall, they were discussing how they had seen people renovate trailers for mobile bars in Texas, and how much they loved the idea of bringing something like that to Arkansas. Unlike most peoples' over-mimosa schemes, the idea stuck and eventually, they sat down and wrote out a business plan. 

"There is something really attractive to both of us about owning our own business and making our money in that way," Taylor says. "We've done that in some capacity before, but this is really a jumping off point for both of us in terms of being entrepreneurs."

They bought their trailer for renovations shortly after. With the help of Rhodes’ father Marty, they worked to renovate the empty enclosed trailer into a stylish, event-ready mobile bar. They added not only a serving window, but a customizable double bar for larger events. They purposefully purchased an interstate trailer so that they can serve events all over Arkansas.

"The features in the trailer are really cool," Rhodes says. "We have full electric on the inside and a full sink. The spigot system is really neat. We have three spigots for non-alcoholic beverages and wine, but we can't put liquor through those in the case of overserving. We also have a full-length wooden bar on the inside and decor to match on the outside."

Rhodes and Taylor both earned bartending certifications so they can serve wine, beer and craft cocktails. Because of Arkansas' liquor laws, they are currently unable to purchase alcohol for their customers. Event hosts will instead provide the alcohol, and the Toasts in Tow team can even consult on what they need to get for their menu. 

Toasts in Tow is available in three packages:

  • The Wandering Barrel Package, which is designed for people who who only want to rent the trailer
  • The Traveling Bar Room Package, which includes the services of Rhodes and Taylor
  • The Tavern Haul Package, which includes having everything taken care of by the Toasts in Tow staff, from chilling and preparing to serving all drinks

However, every package is completely customizable. Everything from custom napkins to a coffee bar are all available to be added. 

"We wanted to make it as customizable as possible and figured that the spigot system aligned with that," Taylor says. "Part of the vision when we were writing down our goals was to take the stress out of that part of wedding planning for the host."

But they aren't just planning on serving weddings, even though they are most excited by those events. They are also planning on serving at engagements and wedding showers, but also corporate events.

"We love love!" Taylor says. "We want to be at all the weddings, we'd love to do that every weekend if we could."

Learn more on the Toasts in Tow website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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