JRMC physicians and nurses work together as a team to proudly provide the best health care possible at a premier regional hospital.


Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) is committed to providing measurable quality health services in a caring environment, which fulfill the needs of our patients, physicians, employers, employees and community.

We are proud that JRMC has provided quality care to southeast Arkansas for more than a century and has responded dynamically to the changing needs of the region. As a hospital facility with approximately 60 years of service on the current campus, with buildings of various ages, our hospital has been well maintained over the years. Although parts of our campus are overall in good, operable condition, much of our infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life cycle and is in need of replacement.

Within the next few years, JRMC will replace much of the current hospital with a new, state-of-the-art medical facility on our current campus. This will impact the health, wellness and economy of southeast Arkansas, a region facing many challenges for generations to come, and it will fulfill JRMC’s promise to provide quality health services to all residents of our region, regardless of their economic or social status. With this project on the horizon, JRMC recently incorporated a foundation and appointed board members who will work together with the hospital’s leadership team to increase support for JRMC.

As JRMC plans for the future, it is critical that the existing facility be upgraded to meet the requirements of a modern hospital, including comfortable and functional patient rooms, updated laboratory and pharmacy, accessible neuro-diagnostic and imaging services, and a welcoming NICU and nursery.

JRMC is proud to be home to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced OB/GYN physicians who bring precious lives into this world each day.


Foundation volunteers will be key to the success of JRMC and the well-being of the southeast Arkansas community. Volunteers will have a variety of opportunities to engage with the community and contribute meaningfully to the foundation. These opportunities will include organizing, planning and running events, making phone calls to prospective donors and energizing the community to support the foundation.

One of JRMC’s operating room nurses expresses her joy and gratitude after hearing her name announced for Nurse of the Month, one of the many ways JRMC demonstrates its appreciation for its world-class employees.


Given the JRMC Foundation was recently incorporated, the foundation is in the process of determining events that will best engage and energize the community. Additional information will be provided as the event details are finalized.

As one of the busiest ERs in the state, JRMC physicians and staff have responded to approximately 47,000 emergency visits in the most recent fiscal year, continuously striving to maintain their high standard of care and provide immediate attention to patients.


The JRMC Foundation has recently been established, and as such the giving opportunities will be identified in the coming months.


Number of beds in service

Jefferson Regional Medical Center total employees

Total patient encounters (fiscal year ending June 30, 2018)

Total cost of uncompensated care (fiscal year ending June 30, 2018)

Established: 1908

Employees: 1,660

Service Area: Southeast Arkansas

Brian N. Thomas

Debe Hollingsworth


Mac Bellingrath
Carolyn Blakely
Julie Bridgforth
Keidra Burrell
George Dunklin Jr.
Debe Hollingsworth
Bryan Jackson
Bill Jones
Nick Makris
Nancy Oudin
Freddye Petett
Brian Thomas
Cindy Trotter
Ryan Watley

Janice Acosta
Frank Anthony
Drew Atkinson
David Bridgforth
David Brown
James Campbell, M.D.
Marty Casteel
Michelle Eckert, M.D.
Lee Forestiere, M.D.
Annette Kline
George Makris Jr.
Joann Mays, M.D.
Chuck Morgan Jr.
Scott Pittillo
Archie Sanders
Brian Thomas
H. Ford Trotter III

1600 W. 40th Ave.  
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