Loblolly Creamery has you covered on all things sweet for Valentine's Day. The shop is offering two spectacularly sweet deals leading up to the big day — and yes, the sweet tooth(s) in your life will love them. 

In addition, we're teaming up with Loblolly to give away one of the Valentine Dessert Smorgasbords (more info below) on our Facebook page. Click here to enter. UPDATE: Congrats to Judy Halbert Gately on winning our giveaway! 

Loblolly's Valentine Dessert Smorgasbord

Loblolly's Valentine Dessert Smorgasbord is a V-day special loaded with all the sweet treats. The spread includes:

  • 4 little scoops of Loblolly Valentine ice creams: Chocolate Noir, Black Forest Cake, Froze Rose, and Strawberry Champagne Sorbet 
  • 2 house-made s'mores with Askinosie chocolate 
  • 2 house-made buttercream macarons
  • 2 champagne sodas
  • a take-home bag of heart-shaped marshmallows
  • a limited-edition Loblolly valentine 

And all of this will set you back just $25. We call that a win-win. The smorgasbord is available from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. on Valentine's Day. 

Be Our Gallontine

Be Our Gallontine features the gallon sundae, which includes ten scoops of ice cream, ten toppings, as many spoons as you need and a cherry on top. The Gallontine sundae can also be catered to food allergies such as gluten and dairy. Just ask your server!

All of this is just $34 (tax included). Folks can preorder their sundae by calling (501) 396-9609 or emailing hello@loblollycreamery.com. Gallontine sundaes will be available until Feb. 18. 

For more info on either of these delicious V-day deals, head to Loblolly's Facebook page or call (501) 396-9609.