It's time to break out the Mardi Gras beads and eat all the king cake your heart desires. These bakeries have you covered on all the Mardi Gras-themed sweets. Once you satisfy your sweet tooth, head to South Main for the SoMardi Gras Parade on Feb. 26. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Blue Cake Co.

501.868.7771 | | Cantrell: Facebook | Bowman: Facebook | Instagram

Now, this is fit for a king. The bakery's king cake is a two-pound ring of brioche filled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a cream cheese glaze (and maybe a little gold). These bad boys are available with two-day notice until March 1.


Boulevard Bread Co.

Heights: 501.663.5951 | SoMa: 501.375.5100 | | Facebook | Instagram

Boulevard offers its signature take on king cake in the traditional Mardi Gras colors with cream cheese filling at $24 a cake and $4.25 for a slice. (Our fingers are crossed their revolving case of Mardi Gras-themed treats will return, too.)


Community Bakery

SoMa: 501.375.6418 | Shackleford: 501.224.1656 |⁠ | Facebook | Instagram

Set at the heart of the parade, Community Bakery is often the first place locals think of for king cake, and for good reason. Their king cakes come in three varieties: cream cheese, raspberry and praline pecan at $24.50 each. Secure one by ordering 24 hours in advance, or leave it to chance and see if you can snag one of their daily batches. 

Not enough for you? Try their featured king cake latte with cinnamon, vanilla, espresso, milk and topped with sanding sugar. 


Dempsey Bakery

501.375.2257 | | Facebook | Instagram

If you're looking for a hands-on (allergy-free!) experience, this is it. Dempsey's delicious take-and-bake king cake kits are free of gluten, eggs and dairy. 


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