Mental Health Resource Guide: Birch Tree Communities

Birch Tree Communities is a nonprofit, behavioral health program which provides therapeutic community services and supportive housing for adults (18+) diagnosed with a serious mental illness. The organization serves approximately 400 members in 12 branches across the state of Arkansas with a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder. The services provided include, but are not limited to, rehabilitative day treatment, group and individual therapy, medication management, group homes and transitional housing. Birch Tree Communities is not an emergency, crisis or acute care facility.

The mission of Birch Tree Communities is to guide its members to a satisfying life in the community. Each member defines what a satisfying life means to them, and the staff provides support in the discovery of their values, goals, strengths and abilities.



  • Recovery-Focused
  • Continuum of Care
  • Medication Management
  • Supportive Housing
  • Life Enrichment
  • Illness Management
  • Artistic Experience
  • Transportation


Birch Tree Communities
1718 Old Hot Springs Hwy.
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