Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers Presents Eli Jewels (Special Soirée Promotion)

Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers

How do you personalize the jewelry buying experience?

Jewelry is a very personal item, and when looking for something special to mark a significant moment in someone’s life, the experience is all too often clouded by the motivations of the jeweler to sell what they have displayed.  We make a deliberate choice to focus on satisfying our clients desire to create the item for the most important occasions…that all starts with listening.  Tell us who it is for and why.  We will offer advice if you need it, direction when you want it and will always deliver high-end, exceptional quality that perfectly matches the sentiment intended.

What advice do you give jewelry customers?

You will never regret buying quality.  Our designers do more than offer great style and timeless design; they are required to provide quality and uniqueness.  Never settle and do not compromise quality for price. Allow us to help you find value instead.  We have outstanding relationships with top designers, master craftsmen and direct suppliers which allow us to bring the perfect elements together to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

What makes something a conversation piece?

“Handmade,” “One-of-a-kind,” “Award-winning”…certainly inspire a dialogue about where a piece of jewelry came from and why it is special. We hear stories every day from clients who are so proud of a piece of jewelry that was a family heirloom or received as a gift with special meaning. That story is often amplified by the pleasure they express with the reasons behind their choice and the experience of the purchase. They can tell us where they were and why and the name of the individual who assisted them with the decision.

What makes your partnership special?

We met the Eli Jewels family 20 years ago. They exemplify the qualities we search for in our partnerships with designers. Each piece is made with exceptional quality. They are the most skilled artisans we have ever encountered.

How does the collection stand apart?

Eli Jewels are crafted with skills that have been passed down from father to sons with each generation adding their own talents to the growing collections. These brothers have mastered the art of jewelry making. Their line is unique in every sense of the word. Their Etruscan heritage, combined with their artful point of view, inspired by their surroundings while  growing up in New Orleans, create a unique Old World feel. They make both bridal and fashion jewelry that is made to pass from generation to generation.

What is the history of your store?

We started Kenneth Edwards Fine Jewelers in 2005 with the intention of bringing a more unique perspective to jewelry in Arkansas. We are a nationally recognized, award-winning jewelry boutique offering an extensive assortment of designer jewelry. Ken began working in the jewelry business over 25 years ago with Stifft’s Jewelers. He has spent his career teaching others how to help clients select the perfect engagement ring or special occasion piece. Steffany spent over 25 years in the fashion industry. Together we have combined our talents to create a very unique jewelry store.

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