Head of the Class 2023: Kiya Britt, Bryant High

Kiya Britt
Bryant High School

GPA: 4.4

College attending: University of Arkansas

Colleges accepted to: Arkansas Tech, University of Central Arkansas

Honors & Achievements:  University of Arkansas Fellowship Scholarship, Congressional App Challenge second place, State Quiz Bowl winner

Career goal: I wish to be an anesthesiologist and help people throughout surgery. I also want to research the correlation between music and mental health struggles to see if there’s a way music can help symptoms of disorders.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life: My 11th grade AP Language and Composition teacher, Mrs. Seale, helped me to write in a way that gets my point across and maintains brevity and professionalism. She also taught me how to write effectively without sounding redundant.

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