Giving Guide: The American Indian Center of Arkansas


Rooted in deep history and driven by a passionate mission, The American Indian Center of Arkansas (AICA) serves as a beacon for the preservation, celebration and support of Native American/Alaska Natives living in Arkansas. While committed to championing the richness of Indigenous heritage, AICA also recognizes modern challenges, making dedicated investments in confronting the opioid crisis, promoting mental health and enhancing education.

Beyond cultural enlightenment, AICA has anchored itself as an essential force in Arkansas,

addressing urgent health and societal challenges that impact the broader community. Their dual

commitment remains: first, to ensure the well-being of Indigenous communities, and second, to foster understanding and respect for the culture and contributions of Native Americans.

AICA sets its sights on expanding these vital programs. While grant funding serves as the backbone

of many initiatives, there are gaps that only generous donations from the community can bridge.

Supporting AICA is not just a nod to preserving the past; it’s an investment in a brighter, healthier future for all Arkansans.

Together, AICA ensures every voice is heard, every challenge met, and every culture celebrated.


Friend of AICA — Bronze Tier ($25-$100)

• Cultural Advocate — Silver Tier ($101-$500)

• Legacy Builder — Gold Tier ($501-$1,000)

• Visionary Patron — Platinum ($1,001-$5,000)

• Champion of Unity — Diamond ($5,001+)

Each tier offers a variety of thank you gifts, sponsor highlights and exclusive access to AICA events and information.

Credit: American Indian Center of Arkansas


Nov. 16th – Annual Open House: AICA opens its doors every year in November for Native American Heritage Month. This event includes door prizes, Native American fashion, art and entertainment, special guest speakers, a silent auction and more.


• Teach culturally relevant classes

• Provide culturally relevant stories

• Volunteer or donate to the annual AICA Coat Drive

• Volunteer or donate to the annual AICA Back to School Bash supplies drive

Credit: American Indian Center of Arkansas



WIOA Program assists 80-plus Native American participants each year with obtaining a degree, short-term credentials, certification and employment.


The SCSEP Program assists 400-plus senior citizens in gaining skills to get back into the workforce.


The ACE Program supports over 300 youth participants yearly with educational services and tools to encourage advancement.


The Native Connections program has reached over 500 community members in our suicide prevention program.


Committed to the opioid and substance abuse crisis and creating pathways for mental health resources.


Federal Grants: 100%

400 W. Capitol Ave., Ste. 1391
Little Rock, AR 72201
501.666.9032 |


Established: 1974
Employees: 25
Service Area: Arkansas

Executive Director: Star Jackson


Monieca West, Chairperson
Steven Morales, Co-Chairperson
Erin Fehr, Secretary
Carla Ripper
Don Kinney
Keith Jones
Suzanne Hirrel
Carl Robertson
Jolane Cook

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