Giving Guide: Arkansas Support Network

ASN’s Recreation Program includes year-round activities that provide inclusive opportunities for community engagement.


We recognize and support every person’s right to be included in the life of the community.

Arkansas Support Network believes that every person has the right to live in a loving home and in a caring community as an active and accepted member, and we are committed to providing the support necessary for that to happen. ASN is a community-based disability service provider founded by five moms who refused to settle for a service system that segregated and devalued their children. ASN remains dedicated to its founding principles and knows that all benefit from communities that include and value everyone.

ASN is committed to community building and invites you to build with it in these different ways:

Volunteer: Share your time and talents to enrich the lives of people ASN supports and the communities they live in.

Sponsor: Partner with ASN and create inclusive opportunities that promote being valued and accepted members of society.

Advocate: Let your voice be heard. ASN is committed to community building by strengthening relationships through collaboration to improve the quality of life of those it serves.

Events: Participate in Moving Together: Racing Towards Inclusion and The Great Tailgate annual fundraising events that help provide access in the community for individuals with disabilities.

Host: Invite ASN to share its story.


• ASN’s Holiday Giving Program provides food and money during the holidays to those it supports, while honoring and respecting their culture and family traditions.

The T.R.A.I.L. Fund supports individuals with significantly limited resources and assets to meet the demands of unexpected life costs.

• ASN’s Recreation Program includes a variety of inclusive activities and sports that highlight the unique contributions of each individual.

Your gift and support provides resources that allow ASN to continue to help actualize the goals and aspirations of individuals with disabilities.

To learn more about these opportunities, please visit

6836 Isaac’s Orchard Road
Springdale, AR 72762
479.927.4100 |

Established: 1988
Employees: 800
Service Areas: Statewide

CEO: Syard Evans, Ph.D.


Lynn Donald Carver, Chair
Monique Jones, Vice Chair
Angie Bassett, Secretary
Olivia Barraza
Holly Fields
Teresa Jones
Scott Kipphut
Trenton Siemens
Anita Singer

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