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Brittany Marsh, Pharm. D., Owner, Pharmacist
Allison Ingram, Pharm. D., Compounding Pharmacist
Kyleigh Stout, Pharm. D., Pharmacist

Cornerstone Pharmacy and Compounding

As a long-standing and reputable source for compounding bioidentical medications, Cornerstone Pharmacy and Compounding is dedicated to helping improve its patients’ quality of life through hormone replacement therapy. While Cornerstone specializes in hormone therapy and consultations, it also focuses on anti-aging and dermatological needs, immunizations, vitamins and supplements and services that are uniquely tailored to patients’ overall health and well-being.


Approach to treatment plans:

• It is necessary for all patients to complete a saliva or urine test (or a test with your provider). You may order these online or pick them up at our pharmacy. Once the results are in, you will be contacted for a consultation and may benefit from hormone replacement and/or the use of vitamins and supplements.

How we ease patients’ fears:

• Making ourselves available to listen and understand their concerns goes a long way.

What sets our practice apart:

• Our consultation services are what set us apart. We love to breakdown your labs and review your treatment plan.

What we love about our profession:

• The opportunity to be an accessible health care provider.

Our motto:

• We want to help you live your best quality of life.

Three words that best describe us:

• Personal, Reliable, Knowledgeable

Favorite procedure right now:

• The DUTCH Urine Testing (for hormones)

The future of the field:

• Unlimited. The profession is always changing and our legislators are always working hard to make sure our field is not limited.

How We make the first best impression:

• Smiling and being kind.

Pharmacy Playlist:

• Grandma’s House on spotify. It is the perfect blend of oldies and newer hits. Everyone loves it.


Brittany Marsh, Pharm. D.: Pharmacist, UAMS

Allison Ingram, Pharm. D.: Compounding Pharmacist, UAMS; CHRT Specialist

Kyleigh Stout, Pharm. D.: Pharmacist, UAMS


•Hormone replacement therapy •Hormone testing and consultations
•Anti-aging and skin care treatments •Immunization therapy
•Rapid testing (COVID, Flu and Strep) •Vitamin and supplement consultations and treatment
•Durable medical equipment •Gift shop


Cornerstone Pharmacy and Compounding


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