CHI St. Vincent Breast Center: High Risk Breast Program

Shannon Turner, M.D.
Sirinya Prasertvit, M.D., FACS
Kathleen Sitarik, M.D.
Tena Buck, RT(R)(M)(BS), CN-BI
Kelley Trulove, RT(M)(BS)(CT), CN-BI

CHI St. Vincent Breast Center

The CHI/St. Vincent Breast Center has developed a High-Risk Program for women with an elevated lifetime risk of breast cancer. Through personalized risk assessment, family history, and genetic testing, women are identified and offered inclusion in the program which provides comprehensive care with the goal of early detection and improving treatment options and outcomes. The program utilizes a combination of yearly 3D mammograms alternating with breast MRI every six months, coordinated with clinical breast examinations with a board certified surgeon and risk reduction strategies tailored to the individual patient.


Approach to treatment plans:

• The team at the breast center treats each patient with compassion and tailors treatment plans to their individual risk profile.

How we ease patients’ fears:

• We put ourselves in their shoes and walk alongside them in their journey. Dr. Prasertvit always tells her patients that as part of their care team, we are all on a ship together. Although at different parts of their journey the captain of the ship may be different, we all remain on the ship and work together to get us to our destination.

What sets our practice apart:

• The High-Risk Program at St. Vincent Breast Center combines a skilled surgeon with an experienced team of technologists and radiologists to detect early breast cancer using advanced technology, including 3D mammography and MRI. They also offer ultrasound-guided and stereotactic-guided breast biopsies, and Dr. Prasertvit creates a personalized treatment plan based on risk factors, imaging results, and clinical breast examination. The program has received positive feedback from patients who appreciate the dedication, compassion and expertise of the team.


Sirinya Prasertvit, M.D., FACS: M.D. and surgical training, University of Tennessee in Memphis

Shannon Turner, M.D.: Medical School at UAMS; residency and fellowship at Duke University

Kelley Trulove, RT(M)(BS)(CT), CN-BI: B.S., UCA: Board-certified Radiology Technology,  St. Vincent Radiology School; High Risk Breast Navigator – Program Coordinator

Kathleen Sitarik, M.D.: M.D. Hahnemann University School of Medicine, residency and fellowship at Duke University

Tena Buck, RT(R)(M)(BS), CN-BI: Manager, St. Vincent Breast Center


•Breast surgery •3D mammography
•High resolution breast ultrasound •Automated whole breast ultrasound
•3D guided breast biopsy


CHI St. Vincent Breast Center


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