Blue Plate Special Event Highlights City’s Best Eats

Hope you didn’t skip breakfast because this is about to make you hungry.

Thea Foundation’s Blue Plate Special is coming to the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock to showcase some of the metro’s most talented chefs, wine specialists and even a few local celebrities, all in the name of deliciousness. 

The event is set for Monday, Oct. 21, at 6:30 p.m., where guests will get a taste of the best dishes and drinks, as well as the jazzy sounds of Dr. Danny Fletcher and Company. 

And now for the big question: Who’s in the lineup this year?


  • Mark Abernathy, Red Door
  • Gilbert Alaquinez, Kemuri
  • Steve Binotti, Petit & Keet
  • Peter Brave, Brave New Restaurant
  • James Hale, Capital Hotel
  • Payne Harding, Cache Restaurant
  • Kim Henderson, Heritage Catering
  • Hannah Lavender, Lavender Bakes

Helping the experts will be various special guests including musician Rodney Block, fashion designer Bryant Phelan and more.

Proceeds from the event go to Thea Foundation’s continued work to promote art programs for kids across the state. For more information and to get your tickets to the 2019 Blue Plate Special, head to the nonprofit’s website.

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