Best Insurance Agents 2023: DJ Crowson

Treat Insurance Agency, Specializing in Medicare

Darla “DJ” Crowson started her career at Treat Insurance Agency in 2021. She quickly became a top producing agent within the company. She wins over clients with her warm personality and kind heart. This year, she was promoted to the agency’s sales manager. After 20-plus years in retail management, she is thankful to have found her passion.

How have your previous leadership roles in retail aided you in the insurance industry? 

My past experience in retail has taught me what great customer service means and the value that it brings to each unique customer base.

Besides insurance, what else are you passionate about? 

Animals! I am a huge animal lover and have a small petting zoo. I believe there are so many things we can learn from animals if we would just take the time.

Who is your biggest motivator? 

My daddy instilled a strong work ethic into my sisters and me. He always said, “If you want something bad enough, then you have to work hard, save money and find ways to achieve it.”

What are you looking forward to, personally or professionally?

Personally, I am looking forward to the American Dream. We bought 10 acres and are beginning construction on our modern farm house.

What keeps you coming back to your job every day?

Our Treat Insurance Family keeps me coming back every day. We have a great team, boss and our clients are the best. They are truly precious to me.

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is a busy time in the industry. How do you keep a work-life balance during this period?

Ha, I’m not sure there is such a thing during the AEP! However, I definitely try to plan a trip in January as a light at the end of the tunnel.


Neighborhood Robinwood
Hometown Vilonia
Hobbies Decorating and farming
Binge watch Yellowstone

Latest splurge

New Chevy Blazer
Cannot live without Chapstick

Favorite date night

Staying in (I’m kind of a homebody.)

Latest obsession

Amazon (Maybe I am on a first name basis with my delivery driver.)

Last vacation

Puerto Rico

5401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Ste. E2,
North Little Rock | 501.246.5169 | Facebook

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