Best Insurance Agents 2022: Whitney Owens

Whitney Owens State Farm

Whitney Owens is a Little Rock native and has 15 years of expertise in the insurance industry. Her office’s primary focus is to provide the community with amazing protection against financial burdens that can be caused by a property, liability or income loss.

Owens’ father passed away when she was 13. That experience fuels her passion to educate the community about their options when faced with unexpected tragedies.

As a ChFC, she specializes in helping individuals and small business owners like herself reach the financial freedom they desire.Owens prides herself on creating a fun and empowering environment for her team so they can give each customer/prospect the five-star experience they deserve.

Owens’ favorite things to do are travel and spend time with her husband, Ben, and their daughter, Nova.

What makes your customer service outstanding?

The efficiency of my office is phenomenal! Every person is fully licensed and has general knowledge of everything, but there is a dedicated person who is an expert in each of the many products we offer.

What’s a typical day look like?

Each morning we huddle as a team to prepare for the day. We have a team of ladies who are dedicated to incoming calls and walk-ins. The rest of the team holds appointments with current customers and future customers.

What type of coverage do consumers often forget to purchase?

Life insurance. Many people believe what they have through work is enough and it just isn’t. It’s a fantastic start, but everyone should own a policy outside of their employer.

Is it better to have a high insurance premium and low deductible or vice versa?

I am a fan of higher deductibles. With a proper emergency fund set aside, most smaller claims can be covered. I recommend filing claims for devastating losses.

What’s the difference between insurance for replacement costs versus actual value?

Replacement cost is the value of what it would take to replace, rebuild or repair your property at today’s price versus actual cash value, which only covers the depreciated value of your property.


Neighborhood Woodlands Edge
Hometown Little Rock
Last good read “The Power of Zero” by David McKnight
Favorite thing to do in Little Rock Discover local gems where I can eat and shop
Go-to lunch spot Milford Track
Two things you like to do outside the office Spend time with my family and travel
Paper or digital calendar Digital
Last vacation Disney World

11701 W. 36th St.
Little Rock | 501.568.5516
Facebook | Instagram

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