Artist Spotlight: Virmarie DePoyster

“The Falls” by Virmarie DePoyster, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 36×36. 


“In this series, each painting was created as a safe space to process my feelings in the midst of instability, uncertainty and fear. They are meant to hold space for myself during times of unrest, crises and disconnection as I search how to find connection, hope and acceptance when life seems out of my control.”


Virmarie DePoyster is a Puerto Rican-born multidisciplinary artist, educator and community leader. As a practicing artist, she explores the complexities of identity. As an educator, she develops therapeutic art programs, providing safe spaces for self-reflection. And as a community leader, she advocates for equality and inclusion.

DePoyster secured a solo exhibition “Revelation” which debuted at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy. She was chosen to represent Arkansas in Her Flag, a national project commemorating 100 years of women’s suffrage. In November 2023, her latest solo exhibition“Beyond Labels” opened at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum.

DePoyster’s paintings are included in private and public collections internationally and throughout the U.S. Currently, she lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with her husband David and they look forward to visits from their adult children, Grant and Anna.

Find more of DePoyster’s work locally at Art Group Gallery, online at and on Facebook and Instagram.

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