Accents: Highlights of the November Issue

An emphasis on some of the best moments of the new issue, stunning historic settings, unexpected wardrobe changes and more.

Double Covers

It’s not every day we run two covers for one issue, but these two power couples heading up two of the year’s biggest fundraising events are just the right reason, and shooting at local landmarks was the icing on the cake. 

First up was our shoot with Tux ‘n’ Trees chairs Courtney and Adam Head, who also serves as president and CEO of CARTI, at the timeless Curran Hall.

“One of the best things about shooting in historic buildings is noticing all the beautiful details in the craftsmanship,” art director Emma Devine says. “There’s a reason why Curran Hall is Little Rock’s Visitor Center, and it does not disappoint when it comes to antique interior I spy. We also had the pleasure of seeing the last of the summer blooms in the gorgeous gardens out back, even if we were decorating a Christmas tree.”

We continued our streak of shooting at stunning historic locales with an afternoon at The 1836 Club with Opus Ball chairs Kristen and Carlton Saffa.

“There’s an old-world charm to The 1836 Club. Historic roots, an exclusive atmosphere and a moody design all make it feel like a comfortable place where you could spend a lot of time,” stylist Josie Burnett says. “To play off of the regal vibe, we dressed the Saffas in clothes that emit comfort (a silk trouser set and tulle dress) and formality (a classic tailored tux).”

‘Tis the Season

Piecing together our holiday gift guide is always a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. At first, there’s a small amount of chaos as we pull out all the items from shops across the city. But after endless tweaking, staring and rearranging, at just about the time we think we’ll never get there, the finished picture comes into view. This month’s Part I is a four-page showcase of local love, and there’s more to come in the December issue with Part II. Stay tuned, shoppers.

Suit & Tee

When planning our photo shoot with the owner of AR-T’s, we initially discussed a more routine wardrobe, but Justin Sharp had something more exciting in mind.

“I immediately pictured [a suit] with paint all over it since we’re a screen printing company,” he says. “I literally ran out, got a suit, brought it back to the warehouse, painted marks all over it in, like, 15 minutes and ran it through our heater the night before our shoot!”

Standout Quote

“I think we ate chicken tenders and catfish from every food service establishment in the state while testing this hot sauce.”

– Jason Cummings, owner and chief flavor officer of Supertasterz

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