Accents: Highlights of the July Issue

An emphasis on some of the best moments of the July issue, summertime flavors, on-set adventures and more.

Standout Quote

“Spoil sports in the science community might say time travel isn’t possible, but they might be convinced to make an exception when it comes to the Grand Hotel.”

– Soirée writer Todd Traub on the jewel of Mackinac Island


Cheers to New Recipes

Mocktail MO is the metro’s queen of no- and low-booze recipes, but she doesn’t keep her wisdom to herself. Most recently, she teamed up with the newly opened Pettaway Coffee to develop a menu with a variety of nonalcoholic beverages.


Behind the Scenes

Jason Masters is best known for his stunning portrait photography, but for the past five editions of our Home Issue, he’s gotten a unique look at some of our city’s most picturesque properties, shooting each one at sunset and at just the right angle. Here’s to more sunsets (and the occasional lake views) with our principal photographer!


Dog Days of Summer

We spent the whole month of June ooh-ing and aww-ing over our annual Cutest Dog Contest online. Keep an eye out for the winner’s editorial debut in our September issue!


Bring on the Color

“It’s hard not to have a smile on your face when browsing Cynthia East Fabrics,” says Josie Burnett, who got to do just that when styling this month’s Last Look shoot. “Apart from walls and walls of colorful materials and cozy pillows, the friendly shop also stocks a wide range of gifts, decor, clothing and unique finds that deserve their own moment in the spotlight.” 


Summer Styling

Interior designer Jill White brought some extra flavor to set, making multiple stops at local fruit stands on the way to our Heber Springs shoot and making our snack-loving photo team very happy in the process.

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