Tonya Martin-Dunlap, M.D.

Breast Surgical Oncologist
Arkansas Breast Surgery

I completed my surgical training in Buffalo, New York, and St. Louis, then I returned home to practice. After working for a local hospital for a few years, I took the leap and opened my own practice: Arkansas Breast Surgery. I have the pleasure of caring for women in a variety of ways. I treat patients with breast cancer, closely monitor those who have a high risk of cancer, assist women who are having difficulty breastfeeding and provide a space for women to have a professional tattoo artist perform areolar reconstructive tattoos.


How I knew this was my passion:

My career choice was influenced by a very personal life experience. While I was in medical school and at the point that I was making the decision to go into surgery, my mother died of breast cancer.

Most rewarding part of my job:

The bonds that are created with patients and their families over the course of my caring for them, whether that is through treating their breast cancer or helping them to navigate the difficulties of breastfeeding their little ones

Biggest challenges in my career:

Starting a new clinic from scratch has been a huge challenge. Not to say it is not rewarding, but doctors get precisely zero training in business, so that just makes the learning curve a bit more steep.

Best advice I ever received:

“You’re never too good to be an intern.” In medicine, the intern is the youngest on the team and the one who is assigned all of the dirty work. Basically if a job needs to be done, do it.

Favorite part of living in Little Rock:

The commute is amazing! I live within two miles of my work and my kids’ school. Our family favorite is exploring Riverfront Park on Saturday mornings. The kids love walking over the bridges and I love the sculpture park.

How I define success:

I think success is happiness, period. I don’t think there is a financial mark, job or accomplishment that equals success. If you are happy where you are in life, then that is success.

If I could lunch with any woman, it would be:

My mother. I have so many questions that I was too young to think to ask at the time, and so many things that I was too naive to think to say “thank you” for.

Advice for my 18-year-old self:

Worry less about how others see you and more about how you want to see yourself. Summer breaks are for traveling and experiences, not summer classes and studying.


Neighborhood you live in



Magnet Cove

Last good read

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot

Favorite Food

Chocolate and salty combos

Favorite Lunch Spot

Boulevard Bread

First thing you do at the office each morning

Get my desk in order before clinic starts

Last splurge

Family vacation later this year


Spend time with my family, genealogy research and crossword puzzles

Dream Vacation

Extended European tour when our boys are older

Favorite Song

“Sunshower” by Chris Cornell