Stephanie Newcomb

Owner, Personal Trainer/Health Coach
Unleashed Health and Fitness

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. My goal is to reach as many people as I can and encourage them to make positive changes in their lives, through creative and diverse fitness programs as well as nutrition. Unleashed is located on a horse farm just outside of Little Rock and provides a place for people to escape the hustle of everyday life and to focus on their personal health and fitness. My training sessions are individually designed to challenge and motivate my clients to be all they can.



Best career moments happen every day. The joy of witnessing daily physical and mental transformations and seeing my clients develop confidence in their ability to conquer fitness hurdles they never dreamed possible makes 4 a.m. worth it every day.

How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Fitness/nutrition are vital for a healthy life. Dealing with health issues myself and seeing family deal with health issues has inspired me to want to help others make healthy life changes and encourage them to achieve personal fitness goals.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

When Unleashed was just a dream, a friend advised me to simply “go for it.” So many of us have fear of failure, thinking we can’t make “it” happen. It’s not always easy, but I trust God is in control.

If you could lunch with any woman, who would it be?

Gwen Stefani, not only is she a successful entrepreneur/designer/musician, she appears to also find the balance in life to be an amazing mom as well.

What is a typical workday like?

4 a.m. alarm with a healthy Rev energy drink kicker. Followed by butt-kicking workouts, picking my boys up from school, more booty kicking, riding lessons, piano, family dinner, and finding balance to be the best wife that I can be.

How you define success:

These three questions. Am I living what I’m preaching? Is my family better for what I do? Although I am hopefully making a physical impact in people’s lives, what about eternal?

Most rewarding part of your job:

It’s the little things, like random text and calls from clients that are experiencing transformations and expressing newfound excitement and confidence about life.

Who is your role model?

She doesn’t know it, but it’s my mom. She has worked so hard to provide all of her life. Her self discipline and determination has translated into both personal and professional success in my life. I am very thankful.


Neighborhood you live in



Little Rock

Last good read

“Jesus Calling”

Favorite Food

Anything Mexican

Favorite Lunch Spot

Local Lime

First thing you do at the office each morning

Light candles and crank the music

Last splurge



Hang with my family

Dream Vacation

Sanoviv Medical Institue in Rosarito Mexico

Favorite Song

“Just a Girl”