Sarah Beth McKenzie, MD

Doctor of Medicine
Barg Family Clinic

I am a family practice physician. I felt this calling in early adolescence. I personally think it’s the most challenging specialty, and I do my best to keep my skills polished as I walk through life with my patients and the myriad of problems we deal with as humans. I’m the front line, and I enjoy that connection with my patients.


What keeps me coming back to my job every day

The challenge. Can I solve this ever-changing puzzle, at least for the moment, and find a more eloquent, hopefully simpler, solution?

How I knew this was my passion

Residency is where you find your passion in medicine. It was so special to me that I went into academics for a decade teaching new graduates how we do it.

Best career moment so far

Teaching residents meant being with young doctors as they prepared to leave the nest. The ongoing relationships with these colleagues, years later, continues to reward me.

What I learned from my first job

Hard work is necessary to be successful in anything one does and you have to stick up for yourself.

Nonprofit I wish more people knew about

The Call is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes local churches to serve local children and youth placed in foster care.

A skill I never expected to need in this field

Fortunately or not, understanding the business side of medicine is imperative to serving my patients. These skills allow me to help patients navigate a complicated system especially during difficult times.

Best advice I ever received

Make informed decisions, not emotional ones and ask the right questions. Most of the time simply listening to others allows me to help and give in big ways.

The one thing I wish people knew about my field

Those of us invested in family medicine really do live it 24/7. Especially when your husband does the same work. We are always thinking about our patient’s challenges.




I can't start my day until

I kiss my husband, Allan, good morning


Walking Hillcrest, animal rescue and reading.

Binge watch

National Geographic, "Dateline" and "Scrubs"

Last good read

"The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides

Favorite meal in town

Chicken piccata at Capers

Best recent local discovery

Arkansas Museum of Fine Art

Latest splurge

Family vacation to Dominican Republic for spring break 2024

Most-used app

The Anthony School app

Dream vacation

Greek Isles