Le’Kita T. Brown, MBOE, LSSBB

System VP, Revenue Cycle
Arkansas Children's

The love of people, community and purpose has led me to a career at Arkansas Children’s, where our promise is unprecedented child health defined and delivered. I am a system vice president of revenue cycle with over 25 years of experience. My role is to remove the complexity and barriers to maximum standard of care for patients and families.


How I knew this was my passion

When you can smile through the uncertainty and know that it will work out because you are all in.

What I learned from my first job

My first job, MC Records & Tapes, taught me everyone has a part to play. Discipline and determination were big lessons that are forever a part of my foundation.

What keeps me coming back to my job every day

The incredible work we do for our families and communities. My teams and support systems are amazing. The energy of hope and the dedication is contagious and rewarding.

Best career moment so far

Arkansas Children's was my first career move from the heart. My bonus reward is being a part of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. The love of people, purpose and community is limitless.

A skill I never expected to need in this field

The skill of fun; a smile goes a long way. I read the situation and manage the level of silliness needed to bring a group together or brighten the littlest customer’s day.

One practice I use to maintain my mental health

Community engagement fills my cup and reenergizes my spirit and soul. I love networking and connecting with others. I truly believe in self-care.

The one thing I wish people knew about my field

A non-clinical career in health care is the best of both worlds. My career allows me to work alongside a diverse group of people from all walks of life on projects.

The first thing I do to course-correct when I hit a wall

I like to take a step back and review as many perspectives as possible, learn from the experience and look for points of collaboration to adjust and move forward



Lima, Ohio

I can't start my day until

I have given thanks


The arts, traveling and music

Binge watch

“New Amsterdam”

Last good read

“Finding Me” by Viola Davis

Favorite meal in town

Cypress Social

Best recent local discovery

Lagos jewelry from Sissy’s Log Cabin

Latest splurge

Silent auctions are so much fun

Most-used app


Dream vacation

Bora Bora