Karen Ryall

Sales Associate
The Janet Jones Company

I am honored to work at The Janet Jones Company. I have always been in customer service and sales. I was a sales representative for BCBG, a pharmaceutical sales representative with Johnson & Johnson and publisher of the neighborhood magazine, Hillcrest Life. We raised our three daughters in Hillcrest and when our youngest graduated, I made the career move to real estate.


What I learned from my first job

When you develop relationships with your clients, it stops being about sales. Instead, it becomes all about helping your clients.

Nonprofit I wish more people knew about

ViPS, Volunteers in Public Schools. I’m a passionate public school advocate! I am proud to say that I have been a volunteer for the past 13 years.

How I knew this was my passion

Having lived in Hillcrest for 27 years, I love my neighborhood, the homes and its wonderful people! It is such an amazing feeling helping others also find that love.

A skill I never expected to need in this field

Directional skills. I have NO sense of direction. No one wants me to drive when we have our weekly property tours!

One practice I use to maintain my mental health

Running. It clears my head every time. I love running through Hillcrest, although now it’s really just a slow jog.

Best advice I ever received

My childhood pastor who married my husband and me said, “Always think about what I can do for my spouse, not what my spouse can do for me”.

The one thing I wish people knew about my field

The importance of having a well-trained, experienced, full-time agent. At The Janet Jones Company, we offer comprehensive, concierge service and provide our clients with our signature legendary service.

Best career moment so far

What could have been a difficult process for my clients, worked out perfectly. By collaborating with our passionate professionals, I was able to help them close on their dream home!



Heber Springs

I can't start my day until

Morning coffee


Shopping at Box Turtle

Binge watch

“Only Murders in the Building”

Last good read

“Sorrow and Bliss” by Meg Mason

Favorite meal in town

Kemuri in Hillcrest

Best recent local discovery

Tuna poke nachos at Hill Station

Latest splurge

A Milkdadd piece from M2 Gallery

Most-used app

Google Maps

Dream vacation