Jensyn Hallett

Arkansas Relationship Manager
Heifer International

I’m originally from Arkansas and moved to Sonoma County, California, in 2008 to serve as an AmeriCorps volunteer. My focus was women’s empowerment, which has transferred to every aspect of my life. After seven years in the Bay Area, I accepted a job leading grant-writing work at Heifer International. With the headquarters in Little Rock, it was a natural transition to return home. In my continual pursuit of personal and professional development, I now lead Heifer’s local relations strategy with our supporters in Arkansas, and I love it.


Biggest challenges in my career:

Most people know Heifer as the organization that gives animals to families in need. My challenge is expanding that narrative so people understand our work from a holistic perspective.

How I define success:

I tend to be a cause-aholic, someone who works long hours for a cause that’s important to me. That said, flexibility is vital, so I have to be intentional to maintain strong relationships with friends and family while growing professionally.

Best career moment so far:

A highlight of my career was visiting the East Africa program in Kenya. Meeting our farmers and hearing their stories was humbling. Watching our team equip and empower those farmers to build a cooperative business was so inspiring!

How I knew this was my passion:

My background is in human-centered design and program development, so problem solving is my strength. Understanding the importance of systematic change is key, which makes me a stronger advocate. I enjoy connecting those who want to give with impactful programs.

Best advice I ever received:

Visualize what you want in life and take the steps to make it happen. “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.” - Meister Eckhart

Favorite part of living in Little Rock:

It is a metro area and has a quaint feel to it. Farmers markets, festivals and brunches create a true community vibe by bringing people together. My husband and I also love to camp, hike and kayak anytime we can.

I wish I knew how to:

Pilot an airplane. With a home base in Arkansas, I love to travel and learn about people and cultures. Visiting other places fills my spirit and recharges my soul.

If I could lunch with any woman, it would be:

There are so many incredible women to choose from locally, nationally and internationally. I want to have lunch with Brené Brown. I admire and respect her research and books and would be fascinated to meet her.


Neighborhood you live in




Last good read

“The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver

Favorite Food

Tuna tartare

Favorite Lunch Spot


First thing you do at the office each morning

Get coffee, check my calendar and prioritize

Last splurge



Host potlucks, garden and travel

Dream Vacation

Argentina, Patagonia and the wine regions

Favorite Song

“Old Pine” by Ben Howard