Eva Barlogie

Physician Assistant
Arkansas Children's Hospital Burn Unit and Wright Plastic Surgery

I graduated from the UAMS Physician Assistant Program. My initial employment was in hospital medicine, but I quickly became interested in the delivery of more specialized health care, specifically something that was more hands-on. That is what led me to the field of surgery. I now manage the care of the thermally injured patients in the hospital and plastic surgery patients in the outpatient setting.


A skill I never expected to need in this field

Taking care of the emotional needs of others as well as their physical needs

One practice I use to maintain my mental health


Biggest challenges in my career

Taking personal time. Balancing life with two children and working full time is hard.

What I learned from my first job

Being able to simultaneously stay calm and critically think in dire situations

The one thing I wish people knew about my field

PA's extend medical and emotional care for the patient and strengthen the relationship between the medical team and the patient's family.

Best career moment so far

Watching three patients walk out of the hospital when, one year prior, they weren't supposed to live.

How I knew this was my passion

It started as a curiosity about my personal health as well as a desire to help others with their own healthcare challenges. I'm sure my father was also influential.

The first thing I do to course-correct when I hit a wall

Ask for help. This is an underrated skill.



Little Rock

i can't start my dau until

I've had coffee.



Binge watch


Last good read

My Home & Garden magazine

Favorite meal in town

The fungi pizza on cauliflower crust at Raduno

Best recent local discovery

Edwards Food Giant's salad bar

Latest splurge

My Nike AF1s

Most-used app


Dream Vacation

Hiking in the Swiss Alps with my kids.