Vote for the Best Salons, Spas & Stylists in Central Arkansas

Ladies, it’s time again to share your beauty secrets with Little Rock Soiree and Arkansas Bride. We’re compiling our third annual edition of Little Rock Beauty Black Book, a guide to the area’s best salons and beauty professionals.

Our beauty-minded readers need your recommendations for the best in beauty. We need you to tell us who does the best hair color, cuts, Botox, laser treatments, airbrush tanning, makeup, massage, eyelash extensions, nails and more.

Our online nomination form, which you can find at, will only take a minute of your time and, as an added perk, you can include your name (optional) for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate to Glo Limited.

Votes will only be counted (and you will only be entered to win) if you vote in 5 or more categories. If you are unsure about a certain category, write “n/a.” 

Deadline to vote for your favs is Aug. 8.

Please share our survey with your girlfriends, moms, sisters and female co-workers! We want to get as much insider knowledge on who our readers love as possible!


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