Who Are the Best Real Estate Agents in Little Rock? (2013)

Little Rock Soiree polled local title companies, mortgage companies, real estate agencies and new home buyers to find the best real estate agents in Little Rock, based on customer service-related criteria.

Participants were asked to nominate only real estate agents they knew through personal experience.

The nominated agents were evaluated using the following indicators: Customer service, communication, finding the right home, integrity, negotiation, marketing, market knowledge, closing preparation and overall satisfaction.

Participants were not allowed to vote for the same agent more than once.

Here are the results:

Alice Mattox
Amanda Elrod
Amber Gibbons
Amber Perry
Andrew Webre
Anna Kaye Roehrenbeck
Annette Hurley
Barbara Swesey
Becca Fullen
Beckie Sudduth
Becky Farrow
Bob Bushmiaer
Candi Grace
Cara Wilkerson
Caristiana Roystuart
Casey Franks
Casey Jones
Cindy Allwine
Claire Brown
Debbie Teague
Denise Carle
Dennis Adkins
Diane Hinkle
Diana Blount
Donna Carlson
Donna Dailey
Edward Loveless
Eric Wilkerson
Ferris Garrison
Gail Ott-Haas
Gary Goldsby
Georgia Sells
Janet Jones
Jean Noell
Jeffery Chapman
Jimmy Lasley
John Selva
Karen Moulton
Kelly Johnson
Kristen McCready
LaKesha Crow
Laurel Lawrence
Lauren Clark
Lee Smith
Linda Green
Linda Lou Averitt
Lindsey Binz
Lisa Fowler
Lolly Honea
Lynn Evans
Marci Richardson
Matthew Parrish
Meg France
Melissa Bond
Patrick Sullenger
Regina Ott
Robert Klein
Roddy McCaskill
Sandy Rhodes
Sarah Brantley
Sarah Lee
Sarah Rector
Scott Heffington
Scott Sandlin
Shannon Treece
Shawn Clark
Stacy Hamilton
Steven Young
Susan Desselle
Susan Reynolds
Tanya Brainerd
Tiffany O’Dwyer
Val Hansen
Valerie Moran
Whitney Elmore

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