Who Are The Best Lawyers in Little Rock? (2014)

How does Little Rock Soirée determine which lawyers make the list?

Best Lawyers is a two-component voting system: peer-review voting and voting by readers of Arkansas Business and Little Rock Soirée. We rely on the lawyers’ expertise to determine who deserves to be on the list and on our readers to tell us how their experiences with individual lawyers rank. This year, we emailed local lawyers from our online directory, inviting them to vote via an online ballot. We also solicited votes from readers through our e-newsletter, social media pages and websites. Our research editor then tallied the votes and we examined the list to confirm Arkansas Bar status and practice specialty for each lawyer.

How do you pick the categories?

We included categories that would be helpful to both business and personal clients.

Do lawyers pay to be on the list?

No, a lawyer cannot pay to be on the list. After the editorial staff finalizes the list, it is given to our sales department, which invites lawyers to buy profiles. These profiles appear on the links below and are labeled as paid advertising. Whether the lawyers choose to advertise has no bearing on this list.

Little Rock Soirée’s Best Lawyers in Little Rock

For the complete list of Little Rocks Best Lawyers, please see our digital edition.

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