Who Are the Best Insurance Agents in Little Rock? (2013)

The best plan to keep what you have during challenging times is to get the right kind of insurance through the best insurance agents.

Little Rock Soiree asked readers to nominate the best insurance agents in Little Rock based on customer service, accountability and ease of access.

Participants were asked to nominate only insurance agents they knew through personal experience in the categories of health, life, residential, long-term care and corporate insurance.

Nominations were accepted through online ballots. Participants could not cast more than one vote for the same agent.

Here are Little Rock Soiree readers’ choices:

Ron Adams

Rick Angel

Hubert Barksdale

Ed Bennett

Calvin Biggers

Matthew Black

Mark Brockinton

Bill Bussey

Elliott Carr

Jennifer Davis

Robbi Davis

Brad Dell

Jason Dickinson

Randall Dixon

Rick Dovers

Dianna Farish

Steve Glen

Ted Grace

Charlie Hadfield

Greg Hatcher

Eric Herget

Darin Hoover

Matthew Jones

Tom Kane

Allen Kerr

Chris Lane

Roberts Lee

Steve Madigan

Tracy Matson

Alan Meadors

Mark Meadors

Chad Millard

Scott Miller

Lisa Moriconi

Clay Murphy

Chad Murry

Jason Prather

Raymond Raphael, Jr.

Hope Rucks

Jay Snider

John Starling

Danny Thomason

Richard Todd

Irma Tombs

Jay Van Dover

Olin Wage

Bobby Whitfield

Eddie Jo Williamson

Mark S. Williamson

Pete Zornik

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