All About Pets: A Look at Our Staff’s Furry Friends

We love our pets. That’s why as National Pet Week comes to close, we would like to take some time and showcase some of our furry friends.

Scroll down to get to the scoop on our little companions!


Lee Hogan, contributing writer and writer

Dog’s name: Gus Age: 6
Favorite things to do: Gus is a lot like me. We’re both laid-back and like to lay around the house in our down time. For that reason, you’re most likely to find this canine lounged up beside whoever is at my parents house that day.
What I love most: I’m the person he most enjoys wrestling or playing with. Since I’ve moved out of my parents house and got married, I don’t see him every day like I used to, but he’s still ready to play anytime I do come over.
Allyson Pittman, Marketing Manager/Event Coordinator
Dog’s name: Eli J. Bear Age: 4

Favorite things to do: Eli loves to sit in his red chair, cuddle with mom and dad, run laps around his grandpa’s farm and play dress up.

What I love most: Ask anyone who’s met him and they’ll tell you the same thing – Eli has the best personality.  He is so friendly and loves being around people and showing off.  He is constantly by side – sometimes even at work – and I don’t mind because he’s just so darn cute!!  

Lance Turner, Online Editor

Dog’s name: Carly Puppington Age: 6
Favorite things to do: This photo was taken just after one of her favorite activities: chasing the tennis ball. She could do this all day. Sometimes she comes close. She also likes playing tug of war with her rope, running in circles around the living room, getting tummy rubs and snuggling up.
What I love most: We love her enthusiasm and sense of fun. She’s a great watchpuppy; she often knows we have guests long before we do. She’s friendly. And she loves to play hard, always giving 110 percent. She’s pretty much the best, IMO.


Sandra McGrew, Little Rock Soirée Editor-in-Chief

Dog’s name: Cullen Age: 3.5
Favorite things to do: Cullen loves to chew on bones, lick your face off, go on long walks and yell at fellow canines. 
What I love most: He has such a great personality. He’s incredibly sweet and just wants to cuddle and be showered with love, constantly. What a life! Michael and I spoil this dog rotten and love every second of it. Cullen is the best!  (He may or may not have been named after a fictional vampire family. Judge away.) 
Lauren James (me!), Interim Editor of Consumer Pubs and Associate Editor
Cat’s name: Chester Xavier Whiskers (aka Mr. Whiskers) Age: 3.5
Favorite things to do: Mr. Whiskers can be found running from one of the end of my apartment to the other, scratching his post and pawing his toys around the floor. One of his favorite activities is getting a good brushing on my patio. He looks forward to that everyday!
What I love most: I never thought I would be a cat person, but he has changed my outlook. He has the best personality and loves everyone he meets. I look forward coming home everyday to this little guy. He is the best companion anyone could ask for!
Gwen Moritz, Arkansas Business Editor
Dog’s name: Scully Age: Not sure – about a year and a half.
Favorite things to do: Sleep on the big bed
Olivia Farrell, CEO of Arkansas Business Publishing Group and Publisher of Little Rock Soirée
Dog’s name:  Moose Age: 6ish
Favorite things to do: Swim, retrieve balls, do intricate surgery on squeaky toys to remove the squeakers
What I love most: He’s so loving and ready to please. Through no fault of mine, he is incredibly well-trained and obedient and is always by my side.
Mark Friedman, Arkansas Business Senior Editor and Little Rock Soirée Party Photographer
Dog’s name: Buster Barkum Friedman Age: 1.5 years

Favorite things to do: If Buster isn’t gnawing on an antler, he’s playing with our other dog, Sammie. He lives to chew on Sammie’s floppy ear or coaxing her into a game of tug-of-war. Buster also spends his day racing up and down the stairs and plotting ways to take over the house.

What I love most: We love Buster even though he likes to pull on his leash and jump on people. He’s been known to bark at you if you’re not giving him all your attention.  At 65 pounds, Buster is just a big baby.

Amanda Hoelzeman, Little Rock Soirée Editor
Cat’s name: Lola  Age: 8
Favorite things to do: Sleeping, eating, staring and judging, chasing phantoms, tormenting the dogs, eating my plants.
What I love the most: Some dislike cats because they can be indifferent toward their owners. I enjoy that trait, especially in Lola. I like that I can leave my house for days and Lola doesn’t care. And I love cuddling her, because she hates it so much. 
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