Top 100 Women of Impact: Sammie Cribbs

Sammie Cribbs

President & CEO, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center

About me: Taking care of others is my passion. I love to see others succeed in every aspect of my life. I enjoy the solitude of nature and the adventurous thrill of skydiving. I love to learn new things, and my curiosity never ends. My desire to improve lives has taken me from a registered nurse working PRN (as needed) to the CEO role. Through this journey, I have had many struggles and successes, but each of those experiences have been part of a foundation to making the next step better. Through this adventure, I have had the opportunity to meet many remarkable individuals and learn from their experiences, as well as my own. Each day is a new adventure, and together we can make a difference.

Lives/Works in: Harrison

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: The biggest disappointment in life is when you know you could have done better. Trust yourself and don’t settle for something when you know it isn’t right.

Proudest Moment of Impact: During COVID, I worked with a phenomenal group of individuals to support our community. The outpouring of support and the willingness to help was remarkable. It was in the moments of laughter and tears, sharing successes and failures, that I truly had the opportunity to understand the significance of the impact we had through our actions. Such an honor to care for the community! 

Call to Action: Hospitals are essential to the communities they serve, and without these economic contributions, communities will not have the same resources to support other industries. We are seeing dramatic changes to the health care delivery system due to workforce demands and lack of funding. Without these systems in our communities, we will see a decrease in access to care. Advocate for your local hospital and support your local health system. 

What Keeps Me Motivated: The chance to improve someone’s life or create a positive experience for those around me. The only things you have in life are the things you give away. I love the opportunity to support others in achieving their goals and serving those around me.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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