Top 100 Women of Impact: Michele Brown

Michele Brown

President, Board of Directors, Lamar School District
Board of Directors, Arkansas Senior Olympics

About me: My passion is education. While serving as Lamar’s physical education teacher, I was chosen for the Arkansas Governor’s Council Leadership in Fitness Award, and as the wellness coordinator, I received the Whole Child Champion Award. I have written many grants for our community, as well as the school district. In 2012, I wrote a grant for a school-based health center through the ADE and ADH, which we received. After retiring from the school district, I ran for and was elected as the first female to the Lamar School District Board of Education. I served on the Child Health Advisory Committee and serve on the board of directors for the Arkansas Senior Olympics and Johnson County Helping Hands. 

Lives/Works in: Lamar

Best Career Advice: I decided I wasn’t doing enough to make a difference, so the thought came to me that I needed to be the change if I was going to see a change. Don’t wait for someone else to step up because the problem may never be addressed. 

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: I can’t do everything. Start with your passion and give it 100%. When that is accomplished, tackle the next hurdle so you can give quality assistance in your endeavors. 

Proudest Moment of Impact: When we were granted the school-based health center for our school district. I knew there were children who weren’t able to get to a doctor for physical or mental health, and having a clinic on our campus would serve those children who would not otherwise receive those services. We saw absences go down and children being helped both physically and mentally. 

What Keeps Me Motivated: My motivation comes from knowing that if I can help even one person, then that is one person that might live a productive life, and they might help someone else.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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