Top 100 Women of Impact: Marnie Oldner

Marnie Oldner

CEO, Stone Bank
Director, Stone Bank & Stone Bancshares Inc.

About me: I am the chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of Stone Bank. Since joining the bank in 2011, we have grown from $65 million to $700 million in total assets. Beginning with two locations in Stone County and Jefferson County and 18 employees, the bank now has 115 employees working in six locations in Arkansas, and we have a nationwide presence in government-guaranteed lending. 

After starting my career as a CPA in California, I relocated to Arkansas in 1988 and continued my career as a bank consultant and banker since that time. My passion is working with and developing talented young people with can-do attitudes. 

Lives/Works in: Little Rock

Best Career Advice: If you focus on your passion for the job rather than how much money you’ll make, the money naturally follows. It is important to earn what you are worth, but you can’t minimize the many joys of a job well done. The latter pays dividends. 

Lesson Learned the Hard Way: After some painful mistakes, I learned there’s nothing wrong with trusting your instincts. I want to like everyone, so at times I’ve ignored negative “vibes” about people who later disappointed me. Fortunately, I’ve proven to be a good judge of character. I just need to listen to that inner voice.

Call to Action: I’m not a native Arkansan, but after three decades here I’ve developed an affinity for the rural towns that make up so much of our state’s personality. Many of these communities are losing population and likewise the culture that defines them. Through our bank’s community involvement and charitable giving, we try to become a strong fiber in the fabric of the communities we serve, backing their schools, arts programs and unique identities.

What Keeps Me Motivated: I’m motivated by possibilities. I’m not deterred by obstacles, but instead keep my focus on the potential outcomes. Once I have a clear vision, I enjoy developing a plan, gathering the team and knowing we’re going to get there.

A Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Initiative

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